An Ecological entertainment

Music by Peter Rose: Lyrics and Narration by Anne Conlon

African Jigsaw looks at the problems of urbanisation, its effects on tribal life and the casualties left in its wake. This is a complex problem facing most developing countries and the authors do not pretend the solution is a simple one, but examining the separate pieces of the jigsaw may help young and old alike to come to an understanding of the situation and, perhaps, to draw their own conclusions on its rights and wrongs. Full with memorable tunes, this highly acclaimed work was broadcast on ITV and also won a Ford Conservation Award.

- Published in association with the World Wide Fund for Nature.


Narrator, soloists, chorus

Musical Numbers:

  1. Africa
  2. African Welcome
  3. Beautiful Africa
  4. City Heartbeat
  5. Bumper To Bumper
  6. Nsana Censele
  7. Beggars
  8. Dead On My Feet
  9. Shining Shoes
  10. Taxi Car
  11. Street Boys
  12. City Moods
  13. Shanty Town
  14. Shanty Children
  15. Shanty Rain
  16. Doorway In the Rain
  17. On the Go!
  18. Unhappy Woman
  19. City Of Gold
  20. Aggravated Robbery
  21. Sons Of Africa
  22. Broken Hopes
  23. People Of Africa


3 flutes, 3/4 clarinets, 2 alto sax, tenor sax, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba, electric piano, string synthesiser, piano, bass guitar, percussion.

Printed Editions: Vocal Score, Word Book, Chorus Book

Recording: Cassette

Rights Holder - Josef Weinberger