GARFIELD, The Musical with Cattitude

Based on the Comic Strip “GARFIELD” by Jim Davis | Book by Michael J. Bobbitt and Jim Davis | Music and Lyrics by John L. Cornelius II


Garfield awakens one morning to find that his birthday—the most important day ever—has fallen on a Monday. The horror. Add to that that no one—not Jon Arbuckle, his oblivious owner, not Odie, his stalwart canine companion, not Arlene, his perfectly pink lady-love, and not Nermal, his endearingly cute nemesis—seems to remember its his big day. Only Pookie, his beloved teddy, gets his disappointment.

In dramatic fashion, Garfield cuts his losses and leaves the comforts of home. He sets up camp—with Odie, Arlene, and Nermal in tow—in an alley nearby, sure that the benefits of freedom will outshine his displeasure in his previous dwelling. But, the food is worse than cat food (it’s garbage), there is no TV, and animal control is always just around the corner.

What ensues is a wild adventure where Garfield learns the value of love, friendship, and home. And, that birthday celebrations are best served as surprises.

Musical Numbers

  1. Amazing Birthday - Arlene, Garfield, Sycophants
  2. Subjects - Garfield
  3. I Hate Mondays - Garfield
  4. Friend - Jon, Garfield
  5. The Alley - Garfield, Arlene, Nermal & Odie
  6. The Alley (Reprise) - Garfield
  7. Animal Control - All
  8. Monday Nightmare - All
  9. Soliloquy - Garfield
  10. Amazing Birthday (Finale) - All

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