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À LA CARTE A New Revue Book and Lyrics by ALAN MELVILLE Music by CHARLES ZWAR Produced by NORMAN MARSHALL Decor, Dresses and Dances by WILLIAM CHAPPELL Savoy Theatre, London - 17 June, 1948 PROGRAMME OVERTURE … Peter Yorke and his Orchestra ON SUCH A NIGHT - Hermione Baddeley, Henry Kendall, Nigel Neilson, Gordon Bell and Full Company DAWN IN COVENT GARDEN - Joy O'Neill, Jean Telfer, Michael Anthony, Dick Henderson, Jnr., THE PLAY'S THE THING The Queen - Hermione Baddeley The King - Gordon Bell The Prince - Henry Kendall His Girl Friend - Irlin Hall Usherette - Pam Trevers and Myrette Morven, Biily Castle, Peter Wright, John Thorpe GOOD LORDS - Michael Anthony, Nigel Neilson, Gordon Beil, Dick Henderson, Jnr MIDDLE CUT - Hermione Baddeley EAST (Musical arrangement by Paul Shelley) - Cappella & Patricia LAUNCHING FORTH Her Grace - Henry Kendall His Worship - Gordon Bell Mayoress - Myrette Morven Works Manager - Nigel Neilson Child - Irlin Hall MAKE MINE MONTMARTRE - Marcel Le Bon WHEREFORE ART THOU, ROMANY? - Hermione Baddeley, Henry Kendall and Chorus WISTARIA'AND RUNNER BEANS - Joy O'Neill, Dick Henderson, Jnr. AND THE BUFFS - Hermione Baddeley, Michael Anthony, Nigel Neilson, Gordon Bell, Billy Castle and Company LAMENT - Henry Kendall

LABOUR'S LOST LOVE Prime Minister - Michael Anthony Leader of the Opposition - Gordon Bell A Maiden - Hermione Baddeley Her Lovers - Nigel Neilson and Dick Henderson, Jnr. Her Adviser - Henry Kendall And Full Company WHIPPING UP AN INTEREST Director - Michael Anthony Assistant Director - Gordon Bell Ist Extra - Pam Trevers 2nd Extra - Joy O'Neill 3rd Extra - Myrette Morven Author - Nigel Neilson Messenger - Peter Wright Continuity - Girl Jean Telfer Props - Dick Henderson, Jnr. Male Star - Marcel Le Bon Female Star - Irlin Hall Clapper Boy - Barry Grantham and the Company EDWARD Edward - Michael Anthony His Father - Henry Kendall His Mother - Hermione Baddeley His Father's Secretary - Pam Trevers LADIES-IN-WAITING - Irlin Hall, Joy O'Neill, Myrette Morven, Jean Telfer SOUTHERN EXPOSURE - Dick Henderson, Jnr., and Chorus OLD GIRLS - Hermione Baddeley ROMANO'S - Henry Kendall and Company WEST (Musical arrangement by Paul Shelley) Cappella & Patricia SELF-ANALYSIS - Irlin Hall THE BOYHOOD OF RALEIGH (after the picture by Sir John Millais) The Mariner - Henry Kendall Raleigh - Hermione Baddeley His Friend - Barry Grantham Mother - Myrette Morven Child - Joy O'Neill TWENTY QUESTIONS - Jean Telfer, Dick Henderson, Jnr.

RESTORATION PIECE Lady Wanton Malpractice - Hermione Baddeley Sir Solemnity Sourpuss - Henry Kendall Sir Militant Malpractice - Gordon Bell Simple (Maid to Lady Malpractice) - Myrette Morven MERVEILLEUSE - Marcel Le Bon PALE HANDS I HATE - Hermione Baddeley, Joy O'Neill, Irlin Hall, Jean Telfer NEVER REPRISE - Full Company Chorus : Pam Trevers, Jo Bartlett, Irene Derek, Doreen Farmer, Beryl Frew, Peggy Hughes, Sheila Linter, Margaret Martin and Mary Meredith, Peter Wright, Barry Grantham, John Thorpe, Billy Castle PETER YORKE with his ORCHESTRA Orchestrations by Peter Yorke, Phil Cardew, Paul Fenhoulet and the Composer, "Make Mine Montmartre" incorporating "Dans un Coin de Mon Couer" (Moffatt-Dolys) and "Hop-Hop" (Trenet) Scenery built by JACK HILL Painted by THE HARKERS

A …MY NAME IS ALICE A Revue musical in 2 Acts : Conceived and directed by Joan Micklin Silver and Julianne Boyd. Choreographed by Edward Love : . Material by Calvin Alexander, Susan Birkenhead, Maggie Bloomfield, David Crane, David Evans, Carol Hall, Cheryl Hardwick, Georgia Bogardus Holot, Winnie Holzman, Doug Katsaros, Marta Kauffman, Richard LaGravenese, Stephen Lawrence, Amanda McBroom, Anne Meara, Cassandra Medley, David Mettee, Art Murray, Susan Rice, Glen Roven, Mark Saltzman, James Shorter, June Siegel, Lucy Simon, Michael Skloff, Steve Tesich, Don Rucker, and David Zippel Top of the Gate Theatre, Greenwich Village - 24 February, 1984 (353 perfs) Basement Space of the American Place Theatre in 1984 SYNOPSIS The show features songs and sketches performed by women of different ages and types in a wide variety of situations and relationships with insight, empathy and self deprecating humour. Each of the five member cast "introduces" herself by reciting an adult update on the children's ABC rhyme. One example: "A ... my name is Alice, And my husband's name is Adam, And his girlfriend's name is Amy, And my lover's name is Abby, And her husband's name is Arnie, And his boyfriend's name is Allan, And my analyst's name is Arthur, And we're working on my anger". ORIGINAL CAST: Roo Brown Randy Graff Mary Gordon Murray Alaina Reed Charlaine Woodard MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. All Girl Band 2. A...My Name Is Alice Poems 3. At My Age 4. Trash 5. For Women Only Poems 6. Good Thing I Learned to Dance 7. Welcome to Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson 8. I Sure Like the Boys 9. Ms. Mae 10. Good Sports 11. Detroit Persons 12. Educated Feet 13. The Portrait 14. Bluer Than You 15. Pretty Young Men 16. Demigod 17. The French Monologue 18. The French Song 19. Pay Them No Mind 20. Hot Lunch 21. Emily the M.B.A. 22. Sisters 23. Honeypot 24. Friends 25. All Girl Band (reprise) Original Cast Album (My Name Will Always Be Alice)

A TO Z A Revue.Music by Ivor Novello and Helen Trix; Book and Lyrics: Dion Titheradge; Ronald Jeans and Helen Trix; Additonal Songs by Philip Braham, Lew Brown, Douglas Furber, Albert von Tilzer, Les Copeland and Kenneth Duffield Prince of Wales' Theatre, London - 11 October, 1921 (428 perfs) THE CAST Jack Buchanan, E.R. Cooper, Marcel de Haes, Joseph Gerrard, James Gray, Phyllis Haye, George Hestor, Felix Hill, Gertrude Lawrence, Holdsworth Miller, Herbert Mundin, Dan O’Neil, Elizabeth Pollock, P. Pusinelli, Frederick Ross, Helen Trix, Josephine Trix, Violet Wynne Chorus: Jewel Bacon, Phyllis Butts, Sylvia Collinson,Velma Deane, Dorothy Dolman, Kathleen English, Iris Goode, June Kennedy, Doris Llewellyn, Gladys Marsh, Beryl Murray, Dorice O’Gorman, Sheila Rawle, Beatrice Sinclair, Marjorie Spiers, Gene Wallis, Thelma White, Sybil Wise PROGRAMME INCLUDED; 1. When I'm Dresed In Blue 2. I've Never Been Kept Waiting 3. The Oldest Game in the World 4. Too Much Mother 5. Smile 6. There Are Times 7. My Kind of Boy 8. I Hate That Tune 9. Night May Have Its Sadness 10. Sweet Daddy, I Love You 11. I'm Going Home 12. Keep Movin' 13. I've Joined the Squirrel Family 14. Dapper Dan 15. Noah's Ark 16. Come On and Kiss Your Angel Child, Sweetie Dear 17. And Her Mother Came Too 18. My Alco Holiday 19. Limehouse Blues

ABIE'S ISLAND ROSE A musical in 2 acts: music by Doug Katsaros; lyrics by Richard Engquist and Frank Evans. Jewish Repertory Theatre, Off-Broadway - Opened April 29, 2000. Closed May 21, 2000 (9 previews, 15 perfs) SYNOPSIS Abie's Island Rose is a four-character musical comedy which tells the story of the romance between Abie, a young New York Jewish medical student and Rose, an Afro-Caribbean nurse. The show takes place in two mythical islands:Tornados in the Caribbean and Manhattan on the Hudson. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Two Islands 2. Omens 3. That Was Him 4. Rainbow 5. A Bit of a Surprise 6. That Girl 7. Something Else 8. What's Going On? 9. Crazy Mixed Up Me 10. Somwehere in the World 11. Liberal 12. All For Her 13. Welcome To Manhattan 14. Nice While It Lasted 15. The Way It's S'posed to Be 16. Late Night TV 17. He Used to Whistle 18. Wasted On the Young 19. Finale CHARACTERS • Fletcher Augustin Hyacinth • Rose Hyacinth • Madeline Feinman • Abie Abie’s Island Rose - Original New York Cast

ACE OF CLUBS a musical play in two acts by Noel Coward. Produced at the Palace Theatre, Manchester 16 May, 1950 (3 weeks): Liverpool Empire (2 weeks), Birmingham, Alhambra (2 weeks). Opened Cambridge Theatre, London 7 July, 1950 (211 perfs closing 6 January, 1951). THE STORY The Ace of Clubs is a Soho nightclub ran by Benny for the owner Rita. When the show opens Felix, the compère, is introducing the Ace of Club's girls in their opening number. Meanwhile Benny is with the petty crook, Smiling Snyder, planning the pickup of a parcel to be left in a raincoat at the cloakroom. Later on stage Pinkie, the star, sings 'My Kind Of Man' and, as she moves from table to table, Snyder forcibly kisses her. Harry, a sailor, comes to her rescue, punches Snyder who goes for his gun. Pinkie escapes with Harry taking the raincoat to cover her flimsy costume. In Soho Square they get to know each other. They discover the parcel and put it back in the raincoat. However, it falls out and is found by Harry when Pinkie leaves. When Pinkie arrives bark of the club the raincoat has already been missed and they discover the parcel missing. Rita has heard the shots and realises Benny is mixed up with the Snyder gang. It becomes obvious that she is in love with him as he storms out. At the next afternoon's rehearsal Harry arrives to see Pinkie and while waiting for her amuses the other girls. Enter Detective-lnspector Warrilove who is investigating o jewel robbery and the shooting for both of which he suspects Snyder. Benny warns Pinkie about getting involved with Harry. In the square we hear three juvenile delinquents boasting of how easy life is. That evening Harry goes to the club where Snyder and his side-kick Guy kidnap him during one of the onstage numbers. He escapes and hides until Pinkie and Benny arrive. Pinkie, not knowing Harry is there, promises Benny she will return the parcel if they tell her how Harry is. When Benny leaves Harry and Pinkie are reunited. Harry returns the next day with the parcel. He believes they ought to give the parcel to the police — Pinkie and he argue and he leaves. Later that evening one of the girls finds the parcel and, believing it her birthday present, opens it and finds the necklace. Snyder and Gus arrive and the parcel from the safe is exchanged for cash. Rita enters and orders them to leave; she has heard that the stolen necklace has been traced to the club. At the cabaret the birthday girl is wearing the necklace and is noticed by Warrilove who follows her. Snyder and Gus return having found the parcel they had been given contained the real birthday present, a pair of falsies, and they are caught by Worrilove. Benny is not arrested and reunites with Rita. Rexton S. Bunnett. CAST OF CHARACTERS • Elaine • Rita Marbury • Benny Lucas • Sammy Blake • Felix Felton • Dawn O'Hara • Doreen Harvey • Sunny Claire • Ruby Fowler • Greta Hughes • Betty Clements • Mimi Joshua • June April • Baby Belgrave • Hercules Brothers. • Joseph Snyder • Gus • Pinkie Leroy • Harry Hornby • Clarice • Eva • Yvonne Hall • Mavis Dean • Inspector Warrilove. • Policeman • Mr Price • Mrs Price • Juvenile Delinquents • Plain clothes men • Drummer • Waiters • Charlady • Waiter

MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act 1 1. Top of the Morning – Baby and Ace of Clubs Girls 2. My Kind of Man – Pinkie 3. This Could be True – Pinkie and Harry 4. Nothing Can Last For Ever – Rita 5. Something About a Sailor – Harry 6. I’d Never, Never Know – Pinkie 7. Three Juvenile Delinquents – Juvenile Delinquents 8. Sail Away* – Harry 9. Josephine – Pinkie 10. Reprise:My Kind of Man – Pinkie 11. Would You Like to Stick a Pin in my Balloon? – Ace of Clubs Girls Act 2 12. In a Boat on a Lake with My Darling – Sextet 13. I Like America – Harry and Ace of Clubs Girls 14. Why Does Love Get in the Way? – Pinkie 15. Three Juvenile Delinquents Juvenile Delinquents 16. Evening in Summer – Rita 17. Reprise:Sail Away – Harry 18. *Time for Baby’s Bottle – Baby, Yvonne, Mavis 19. Chase Me, Charlie – Pinkie 20. Reprise:Nothing Can Last For Ever – Rita 21. Reprise:My Kind of Man – Pinkie * Coward re-used 'Sail Away' in his 1961 show of the same name. Original Cast Recvording

ACORN ANTIQUES- The Musical Theatre Royal Haymarket from January 31st for 6 weeks. First night 10 February, 2005 Author: Victoria Wood; Director: Trevor Nunn; Producer: Phil McIntyre Entertainments; Designer: Les Brotherton; Choreographer: Stephen Mear; Lighting Designer: Andrew Bridge; Costume Designer: Stephen BrimsonLewis; Sound: Paul Groothuis; Orchestrations: Chris Walker; Musical Director: Nick Finlow Starring Victoria Wood, Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Duncan Preston, Josie Lawrence and Neil Morrisey; CAST • Julie Walters - Bo Beaumont/Mrs Overall • Victoria Wood - Bo Beaumont/Mrs Overall (some performances) • Celia Imrie - Mrs Babs • Duncan Preston - Mr Clifford • Sally Ann Triplett - Miss Berta • Josie Lawrence - Donna/Ms Teny • Neil Morrissey - John/Tony • Gareth Bryn - Steve/Hugh • Jenna Boyd - Mimi • Lorraine Chappell - Suzi • Daniele Coombe - Sally/Mrs Wellbelove • Paul Grunert - Vic/Mr Watkins • Sidney Livingstone - Ken/Mr Minchin • Jill Martin - Lynn/Christine • Carl Sanderson - Brian/Mr Furlong • Myra Sands - Barbara/Miss Willoughby • David Shaw Parker - Tom/Mr Stillman/Derek • Nicola Sloane - Pip/Miss Cuff • John Stacey - Alan/Postman • Swings - Shaun Henson; Hilary O'Neil A musical version of the very successful tv series based in the busy antiques shop in Manchesterford. Wrinkly tights, coconut macaroons, eye shadow and Mrs Overall’s home-made sherry are all visibly waiting in the wings STORY Since the TV Soap Acorn Antiques has long been unceremoniously axed, unable to compete with the likes of Celebrity Breast Implants From Hell, the principals have been reunited to turn the soap into a musical at the Enoch Powell Arts Centre in Sutton Coldfield. The cast of the axed TV soap, down on their luck and looking for work, have found themselves performing in an experimental opera taking a bleak look at modern Britain. But Mrs Overall won’t let the opera drag her down and starts trying to slip a few more tuneful ditties into the proceedings. As events unravel fate gives her the chance to fulfil her dream of taking a musical based on Acorn Antiques to the West End, with lots of lovely singing and dancing, and a very prominent part for her. Acorn Antiques - The Musical [DVD]

MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. Middle Class Show – Ensemble 2. Residents’ Parking – Miss Babs, Mrs Overall, Ms Berta & Ensemble 3. Café Continental – Mrs Overall & Ensemble 4. Mine Alone (Intro) – Mr Clifford 5. Mine Alone – Mr Clifford, Alan, Sally 6. Tip Top Tap – Mrs Overall & Ensemble 7. Tip Top Tap (Reprise) – Mrs Overall & Ensemble Act II 8. Manchesterford – Ensemble 9. (Doorbell Rings, a Customer) Acorn Antiques! – Miss Babs, Miss Berta, Hugh, Mimi 10. Macaroons! – Mrs Overall 11. Please stay here – Miss Bonnie, Miss Babs, Miss Berta 12. We’re On Our Way – Miss Babs, Miss Berta, Miss Bonnie, Hugh, Mimi 13. Remind Him – Miss Berta 14. D.E.B.T – Tony, Deb, Evelyn, Bev 15. Manchesterford (Reprise) – Mrs Overall 16. Back on Top – Miss Berta, Hugh, Mimi 17. I Am Going Out to Find Her – Ms Bonnie & Ensemble 18. Have You Met Miss Babs? – Miss Babs 19. Oh! Oh! Oh! Mrs O! – Ensemble 20. Macaroons! (Reprise) – Mrs Overall & Ensemble 21. We’re On Our Way (Reprise) – Ensemble MUSICAL NUMBERS - REVIVAL Act I 1. Manchesterford – Company 2. Acorn Antiques – Babs, Berta, Hugh, Mimi 3. Macaroons – Mrs Overall 4. Clifford’s Anthem – Clifford 5. Please Stay Here – Bonnie, Berta, Babs, Clifford & Ensemble 6. We’re On Our Way – Berta, Babs, Bonnie, Clifford, Hugh, Mimi 7. Have You Met Miss Babs? – Babs 8. Remind Him – Berta 9. Doing The Tip Top Tap – Berta, Babs, Bonnie & Ensemble Act II 10. The Old Small Print – Tony, Deb, Evelyn, Bev, Bonnie 11. Mrs Overall’s Farewell – Mrs Overall 12. Remind Her – Clifford 13. Shagarama! – Bonnie, Berta, Babs & Ensemble 14. Gents’ Duet – Derek & Mr Watkins 15. Once in a Lifetime – Bonnie & Ensemble 16. Oh, Oh, Oh, Mrs O! – Ensemble 17. Macaroons (Reprise) – Mrs Overall & Ensemble 18. Finale – Ensemble

THE ACT A Musical in Two Acts, 16 Scenes. Book by George Furth. Music by John Kander. Lyrcis by Fred Ebb. Majestic Theatre, New York - Opened 29 October, 1977; closed 1 July, 1978 (233 perfs). The action takes place at the Hotel Las Vegas at the present time and concerns Michelle Craig's nightclub act and her memories. CAST (in order of appearance): • Lenny Kanter • Michelle Craig • Nat Schreiber • Dan Connors • Arthur • Charley Price • Molly Connors • The Boys: The Girls: MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Shine It On - (Michelle, Chorus) 2. It's the Strangest Thing - (Michelle) 3. Bobo's - (Michelle, Dancers) 4. Turning (Shaker Hymn) 5. Little Do They Know - (Boys, Girls) 6. Arthur in the Afternoon - (Michelle, Arthur) 7. Hollywood, California - (Michelle, Dancers) 8. The Money Tree - (Michelle) 9. City Lights - (Michelle, Chorus) 10. There When I Need Him - (Michelle) 11. Hot Enough for You? - (Michelle, Dancers) 12. Little Do They Know (reprise) - (Boys, Girls) 13. Finale- My Own Space - (Michelle) 14. Walking Papers (Michelle) - replaced My Own Space DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast Recording starring Liza Minelli - DRG 6101 Re-Issued Cast Album

ACT YOUR AGE A Musical in 2 Acts by Christopher Wortley in association Brian Clemens SYNOPSIS In Act Your Age there is work for a large chorus and there are 22 named parts, the majority of which are for women aged from 25 to 50 to over 70. The music is written to entertain, with satisfying tunes and harmonies (including a G&S-style ‘patter song’), and the book was written with the help and support of Brian Clemens which has resulted in a traditional heart-warming farce with people popping in and out of doors … astonished people, embarrassed people, and some older folk who are trying to look like super celebrities! Celebrity Sanctuary is a clinic that offers rest, relaxation and therapy for celebrities. It has however, fallen on hard times and has amassed debts, but lost patients and staff, and now there are just two of each. Valerie, the owner, receives a call from “Victoria’s agent”, and naturally assumes that this is the A-list celebrity in need of some rest and recuperation. She will check in as ‘Mrs Smith’, and the agent stipulates no publicity and a professional, well-run establishment. Valerie, and Pat, her faithful aide-de-camp, are delighted of course, but this quickly turns to concern as they realise that they cannot now provide all the facilities that are expected. (Song : 'Sod's Law'). Meanwhile, at the old people’s home down the road, a bungling workman has dug up the road and left the home without power or water, and the toilets are backing up! Mrs Hewitt decides to take her ‘inmates’ to the clinic while she finds temporary accommodation and marches them all in, to Valerie’s astonishment. (Song : 'Sunny Seniors Are Us'). The old folk are a mixed bag in age and ability (mental and physical) but despite Mrs Hewitt's strict nature (Song : 'A Tight Ship'), all of them read ‘Hello’ magazine and are quite star-struck. Seizing her opportunity, Valerie easily persuades the old folk to masquerade as staff and patients, joining the two ‘proper’ patients, Melanie (a D-list celebrity) and Angela (a middle-aged nymphomaniac), in return for the possibility of meeting ‘Victoria’ and her friends. (Song : 'Count On Us'). ‘Mrs Smith’ duly arrives, heavily disguised, but the person underneath is Jenny, who ran away from home as a teenager. (Song : 'For Once In My Life'). She is soon to be married, and wants to observe her mother again before revealing herself. She has been tipped off that her mother (Valerie) now works at the clinic. Then a succession of furtive people check in as patients and are assumed to be friends of ‘Victoria’ - a reporter with his photographer; Angela’s latest beau, Mario; and Jenny’s fiancé who suspects her of infidelity. (Song : 'Ever So Discreet'). The new ‘staff ’ must take over the daily routines and administer the various designer therapies, resulting in the situation where amateurs are ministering to people they take to be celebrities, and ‘celebrities’ who are nothing of the kind and don’t want to be unmasked. despite the chaotic nature of the arrangement, Valerie is hopeful that her luck has turned for the better. (Song : 'This Could Be The Time'). The workman strikes again when he resumes digging leaving the therapy annexe uninhabitable, so some bizarre alternatives to the usual massage, sauna and other therapies are developed and these take place in make-shift rooms with make-shift equipment. As night falls, classic farce (but set to music as Song : 'You Haven't Seen Me'). descends in a room with three doors - Mrs Smith is creeping about looking for childhood memorabilia; Angela and Mario are creeping about looking for one another; John is looking for

Jenny, and the reporter and the photographer are looking for a scoop (Song : 'You've Been Papped'). The first Act closes with Pat dreamily wishing for a star-studded future. (Song : 'I Want To Be A Celebrity'). In the morning, with the new 'therapies' in full swing, (Song : 'The Sing-a-long Therapy Thing'), there is a more traditional farce as patients and ‘therapists’ pop in and out of the make-shift therapy rooms in a succession of complicated manoeuvres, narrowly avoiding revealing their ‘naked’ forms to the audience (this is carefully scripted with helpful rehearsal diagrams). CAST: Principals: 4 male, 10 female Plus many names parts and a large chorus Principals • Valerie : 50-60, the owner and manager of Celebrity Sanctuary • Pat : 30-50, Valerie’s loyal retainer, optimistic, resourceful and practical, unsophisticated • Melanie : 40+, a patient at the Sanctuary, D-list celebrity with pretensions of being A-list (**) • Angela : 40-55, a patient at the Sanctuary, an ageing nymphomaniac (==) • Mrs Hewitt : 30+ the Manager of Sunny Seniors Old People Home, likes discipline, a control freak • Iris : 60+, pretends to be ga-ga, in reality is a clever jewel thief, the home is a cover for fencing • Joan : 60+, reasonably compos mentis, friendly, helpful, a bit chaotic, has bladder problems • Joanna : 60+ , also compos mentis, efficient, a natural leader, becomes the old folks spokesperson • Josephine : 60+, another reasonably compos mentis person, slightly cynical and subversive • Jenny : 20-30, estranged daughter of Valerie, wants to secretly meet before revealing herself • Reporter : 20+ (male), incompetent but thinks otherwise (**) • John : 20-40, Jenny’s jealous fiancée (==) • Mario : 25-40, a gigolo, Angela’s latest paramour (==) • Photographer : 20-40, would much prefer to be a fashion photographer Supporting Cast • Betty : 60+, once a servant in stately homes, is mistaken for an ageing courtesan • Ellen McDonald : 60+, somewhat confused, thinks she is ‘Victoria’, cooks with inappropriate ingredients • Mrs Cousins : 92, an ‘inmate’ at Sunny Seniors • Joe : 60+, an ‘inmate’ at Sunny Seniors, somewhat lascivious • Gerry Jackal : 25+ (but should be ten years younger than Melanie), a jewel thief • The Workman : 25+ • Adrian Cousins : 55-65, Mrs Cousins son, desperate to be associated with celebrities • Policeman : 30+ • Chorus Old Folk, Police Notes : (==) the person playing this role must be comfortable to appear on stage dressed only in a towel (**) the person playing this role must be comfortable to appear on stage apparently naked behind a towel MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. Prologue - Departure Orchestra 3. Sod's Law - Pat, Angela & part-chorus 4. Sunny Seniors Are Us - Chorus 5. A Tight Ship - Mrs Hewitt, Josephine & Chorus 6. Count On Us - Joanna & Chorus 7. For Once In My Life - Jenny 8. Ever So Discreet - Valerie & Chorus

9. This Could Be The Time - Valerie 10. You've Been Papped - Reporter & Photographer 11. You Haven't Seen Me - John, Jenny, Angela, Mario, Photographer & Valerie 12. I Wanna Be A Celebrity - Pat & Chorus 13. Make Do And Mend - Orchestra 14. The Sing-a-long Therapy Thing - Josephine & Chorus 15. I Think I Need A Little Operation (Tango) - Chorus 16. I Think I Need A Little Operation (Waltz) - Chorus 17. A Rotter Like Me - Iris 18. Finale (Part 1) - Valerie, Pat, Joanna, Angela, Mario, John, Jenny, Iris, Jewel Thief, Chorus & Police 19. Finale (Part 2) - Jenny & John 20. Finale (Part 3) - Company Instrumentation Orchestrations / Band Parts are available in either printed form to rent, or pdf 's to buy as follows Piano Keyboard Drums MD

THE ADDAMS FAMILY A Musical in 2 Acts: Music - Andrew Lippa; Lyrics - Andrew Lippa; Book - Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice based on Charles Addams' comic strip The Addams Family Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, Broadway - April 8th, 2010 - 31 December. 2011 (35 previews, 725 perfs) SUMMARY It’s a dismal day at the Addams family’s manse, with the ever-approaching storm clouds reflecting the gloomy atmosphere that has beset the household. Daughter Wednesday, now eighteen years old, has found herself experiencing a surprising new sensation, one that frightens both her and her family: she has fallen in love. Lucas Beineke, the object of her affections, comes from a seemingly normal family, and he and his parents Mal and Alice are on their way to the Addams’ estate to become better acquainted with the family over dinner. Brother Pugsley, who has been largely ignored since Wednesday’s involvement with Lucas, begins to miss the attention his sister previously paid to him and pleads with her to torture him once more. Meanwhile, mother Morticia finds herself conflicted over her ever-maturing daughter’s newfound feelings, while oblivious father Gomez simply wishes things would remain the way they were. As they learn to relate to the Beinekes and cope with Wednesday’s romance, one thing is certain: the Addams family will never be the same. STORY: Act One The show opens with the Addams family revealing Wednesday has come of age. She emerges from a coffin, has her braids cut off and agrees to the family traditions, which includes a mate who must be chosen for his honesty and passion. Uncle Fester, taking the role of narrator, tells us that Wednesday, under protest, has invited her new boyfriend Lucas Beineke and his parents, Mal and Alice to dinner, where they will play "The Game". While torturing Pugsley on a rack, Wednesday admits that she is having strange feelings of love and compassion for the first time in her life. As dinner approaches, Gomez swears his love for Morticia. Wednesday, in turn, fears humiliation by her family in front of Lucas's parents, just as the Beinekes arrive. Wednesday upsets her family by wearing a yellow dress similar to Alice's. Lucas and Wednesday, away from their families, profess their passion. Gomez and Mal share a drink where Mal is introduced to Beatrice, the family's giant pet squid, and Alice admits to Morticia that her marriage to Mal has grown passionless. Gomez and Morticia explain they meet every night for a Tango, in order to keep their love alive. Morticia hears Wednesday call her old and worries she's getting crows' feet. Meanwhile, Pugsley is worried that Wednesday's growing heart means she won't torture him anymore. He steals a potion from Grandma Addams after she reveals it will bring out someone's dark nature. Pugsley plans to slip it to Wednesday at dinner in the hopes that she'll break up with Lucas. At dinner, "The Game" is played, where each member of the dinner table tells a secret. Gomez tells a story about scaring away crows and their feet, but upsets Morticia by accidentally comparing her to a goat. Uncle Fester admits he's in love with the moon. In a mix-up, Alice drinks Pugsley's potion and in front of everyone declares her marriage to Mal a loveless mess. As a furious Mal attempts to leave with his family, Wednesday declares she and Lucas are getting married, to which a stunned Lucas sheepishly agrees, just as a storm hits the mansion forcing the Beinekes to spend the night. Act Two During the storm, Wednesday tries to leave, but Lucas wants to stay and work things out with their

families. This leads to the pair having their first fight. Later, Morticia fears she is being replaced by Wednesday and is no longer relevant to her own family. Pugsley asks his mother if there is a monster under the bed. She tells him there is and he relaxes but cannot bring himself to confess what he did to Alice. Moments later, an alligator emerges from under Pugsley's bed and crawls off stage with the bed on its back. Walking out in the yard, Wednesday runs into Gomez. He is happy she's found someone to love, yet sad that his daughter is growing up. Gomez leaves after Lucas returns. Wednesday worries that they are too different. Then as a show of trust, Lucas blindfolds Wednesday and lets her shoot an apple off his head with her crossbow. She succeeds and the two embrace. Uncle Fester calls for an interlude as he plays his banjo, singing a love song to the Moon. In the cellar, Gomez and Fester attempt to get Mal to open up about his feelings, to no avail. He's ultimately kidnapped by Bernice and pulled into the sewers. Alice, envious of Gomez and Morticia's love, asks Gomez to teach her how to tango. He complies, but Morticia arrives and sees this as a sign of infidelity. Gomez and Morticia engage in a sword fight, where she tells him she hates him. He counters that she loves him. The two go back and forth, before realizing love and hate are two sides of the same coin and they kiss and begin to tango. The cast reunites on stage as Mal returns from the sewers. He's learned to appreciate what he has after spending time in the arms of a passionate squid and announces he still loves Alice. With all the couples reunited, Pugsley admits to slipping the potion to Alice, but is congratulated since it brought everyone together. Uncle Fester, wearing a rocket, tells everyone he's flying off to be with the moon. As the families sing one last ballad they are all shocked as Lurch sings out loud for the first time ever, just as a puff of smoke is seen on the moon, signaling Fester has just landed. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. When You're an Addams - The Addams Family, Ancestors 3. Pulled - Wednesday, Pugsley 4. Where Did We Go Wrong - Morticia, Gomez 5. One Normal Night - Ancestors 6. Morticia - Gomez, Male Ancestors 7. What If? - Pugsley, Grandmama 8. Full Disclosure - The Company 9. Waiting - Alice 10. Full Disclosure (reprise) - The Company 11. Just Around the Corner - Morticia, Ancestors 12. The Moon and Me - Uncle Fester 13. Happy/Sad - Gomez 14. Crazier Than You - Lucas, Wednesday 15. Let's Not Talk About Anything Else But Love - Mal, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Grandmama 16. In The Arms - Mal, Alice 17. Live Before We Die - Gomez, Morticia 18. Tango de Amor - Gomez, Morticia, Ancestors 19. Move Toward The Darkness - Full Company CAST • Gomez Addams • Morticia Addams • Mal Beineke • Alice Beineke • Uncle Fester • Wednesday Addams • Pugsley Addams • Lucas Beineke • Grandmama • Lurch

Musical Voice With piano Accomp Book: Vocal Selections Original Broadway Cast Recording Original Film Soundtrack Addams Family DVD (Blu-ray)

ADDING MACHINE - a Musical A Chamber Musical: Music by Joshua Schmidt; libretto by Jason Loewith and Joshua Schmidt, based on the play The Adding Machine by Elmer Rice. Off-Broadway, Minetta Lane Theater: Opened 25 February, 2008 - Closed 31st August, 2008 (scheduled) Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes. Adding Machine is a darkly satirical examination of the abuses of capitalism in the early 20th century. STORY Mr. Zero is the eternal "little man," shallow yet possessing some dignity, who murders his boss when he learns that, after twenty-five years of being a bookkeeper, he is to be replaced by an adding machine. Condemned to death despite his piteous stream-of-consciousness appeal to the jury, he is executed and appears next in the Elysian Fields, where he meets and enjoys a brief idyll with Daisy, his deceased co-worker, whose love he had secretly desired. But conventional Mr. Zero cannot abide the freedom of paradise for long, and he leaves. Confused by encounters with such people as Shrdlu, who cannot understand why after killing his mother he has been sent to heaven, Zero finds happiness while operating a heavenly adding machine. Presently, however, he is sent back to earth by a celestial overseer to be reborn, endure again his insignificant life, and die, a perpetual victim of a depersonalising world. CAST • Mrs. Zero • Mr. Zero • Daisy • Shrdlu • Charles • Mrs. Two • Mrs. One • Mr. Two • Mr. One MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prelude - Chorus 2. Something to Be Proud Of - Mrs Zero and Chorus 3. Harmony, Not Discord - Mr Zero, Daisy, Mr One, Mae, Mr Two, Betty 4. Office Reverie - Mr Zero, Daisy, Mr One, Mae, Mr Two, Betty 5. Movin' Up / In Numbers - Mr Zero, Daisy, Mr One, Mae, Mr Two, Betty 6. I'd Rather Watch You - Daisy 7. The Party - Mrs Zero, Mr Zero, Mr One, Mrs One, Mr Two, Mrs Two 8. Zero's Confession - Mr Zero and Chorus 9. Once More 10. Zero's Confession - Mrs Zero, Chorus 11. Ham and Eggs - Mr Zero, Mrs Zero 12. Didn't We? - Mr Zero, Mrs Zero 13. I Was a Fool - Mrs Zero, Mr Zero 14. The Gospel According to Shrdlu - Shrdlu, Mr Zero, Chorus 15. Death March - Mr Zero, the Fixer 16. A Pleasant Place - Mr Zero, Chorus 17. Shrdlu's Blues - Shrdlu, Mr Zero, Chorus 18. Daisy's Confession - Daisy, Mr Zero 19. I'd Rather Watch You (reprise) Daisy, Mr Zero, Chorus 20. Freedom! - Shrdlu, Daisy, Mr Zero, Mrs Zero, Chorus

21. The Flinch 22. In Numbers (reprise) - Mr Zero, Charles, Chorus 23. Freedom! (reprise) - Mr Zero, Charles, Chorus 24. The Music of the Machine - Mr Zero, Charles, Chorus Adding Machine: A Musical. Vocal selections Adding Machine: A Musical. Ortginal Cast Album Adding Machine: A Musical. Digital downloads

ADRIANA LECOUVREUR Music by Francesco Cilea Libretto by Arturo Colautti after the play by E. Scribe and E. Legouve THE STORY (Paris; early years of the 18th century) Adriana Lecouvreur, a famous actress of her day, is in love with Maurizio whom she believes to be an ensign of the Count of Saxony. Vying for his attentions is the Princess de Bouillon who has promised to use her influence to further his political career. Her husband, in the meantime, is having an affair with another actress, Duclos, and is unaware of his wife's activities. He is more concerned with Duclos' apparent infidelity for he has intercepted a letter which he mistakenly believes to be from her to another lover arranging an assignation and, in order to confirm his suspicions, he plots to catch the lovers red-handed. The letter, in fact, is from the Princess to Maurizio who has somewhat reluctantly consented to the meeting, annoyed that he will have to break his date with Adriana as a result. Their liaison, however, does not go according to plan for they are unexpectedly interrupted by the arrival of the Prince, intent on catching his mistress with her lover. The Princess quickly hides to avoid being seen by her husband and Maurizio appeals to Adriana (who has now discovered that he is the real Count of Saxony) to help the Princess escape. Unfortunately, in the process the two women discover that they are both in love with the same man and bitter rivalry springs up between them. Events culminate on Adriana's birthday when the Princess sends her some violets, now faded, that Adriana originally gave to Maurizio as a token of her affection. Assuming the present to be from Maurizio, Adriana believes that the dead flowers are a symbol of their dying love. Although she is overjoyed when Maurizio returns to her protesting his innocence and proposing marriage, her joy is short-lived as the violets have been poisoned by the Princess, and Maurizio can only stand helplessly by as Adriana collapses lifelessly into his arms. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS (plus Chorus) • Maurizio - Count Saxony • Prince de Bouillon Members of the Company • Adriana Lecouvreur • Princess de Bouillon • Quinault • Poisson • Mlle Jouvenot • Mlle Dangeville • Michonnet - Stage Director of the Comédie-Française PRINCIPAL MUSICAL NUMBERS • lo Son L'Umile (Adriana Lecouvreur) • La Dolcissima Effigie (Michonnet) • L'Anima Ho Stanca (Maurizio) • Poveri Fiori (Adriana Lecouvreur)

COMPLETE PROGRAMME ACT I. 1. Michonnet, Dalla Bianca! - Jouvenot, Michonnet, Poisson, Dangeville, Quinault 2. Il Principe Di Bouillon - Michonnet, Quinault, Poisson, l’Abate, il Principe, Dangeville 3. Del sultano amuratte... Io son l’umile ancella - Adriana, il Principe, l’Abate, Michonnet, Jouvenot, Dangeville 4. Eccoci Soli Alfin! - Michonnet, Adriana, Maurizio 5. La Dolcissima Effige - Maurizio, Adriana 6. Or Dunque, Abate? ll Principe, l’Abate, Jouvenot, Dangeville, Quinault, Poisson, Michonnet 7. Ecco Il Monologo - Michonnet, Maurizio, Quinault, Jouvenot, Poisson, Dangeville, il Principe, l’Abate, Adriana, Coro ACT II. 8. Acerba Colutta, Dolce Tortura - La Principessa 9. Principessa... Finalmente! - Maurizio, la Principessa 10. Con La Regina A Lungo Favellai - La Principessa 11. L’anima Ho Stanca - Maurizio, la Principessa 12. Vi cogliam. Conte, sul fatto... - Il Principe, l’Abate, Maurizio, Adriana 13. Ma, dunque e vero?... Dite... - Adriana, Maurizio, Michonnet, l’Abate 14. Adriana, Ascoltate... - Maurizio, Adriana 15. E bene? Che granchio! - L’Abate, Michonnet, Adriana 16. Sia! .. Non Risponde... - Adriana, la Principessa ACT III. 17. Eh via! Cosi non va... - L’Abate, la Principessa 18. Voi, Principessa? - L’Abate, la Principessa, il Principe 19. Madamigella Lecouvreur! - ll maggiordomo, il Principe, Adriana, la Principessa, l’Abate, Michonnet, Coro 20. Il Conte Di Sassonia! - Il maggiordomo, Adriana, Michonnet, il Principe, Maurizio, la Principessa, l’Abate 21. Il Russo Mencikoff Riceve L’ordine - Maurizio, Tutti, il Principe, l’Abate 22. Ballet 23. È Quella Dama Al Certo! - L’Abate, la Principessa, Adriana, Coro, il Principe, Michonnet 24. Giusto Cielo! Che Feci In Tal Giorno? - Adriana, la Principessa, Tutti, Michonnet, Maurizio ACT IV. 25. Preludio 26. So Ch’ella Dorme... - Michonnet 27. Amigo mio! Figliuola! - Adriana, Michonnet 28. Meta Sorpresa! - Adriana, Quinault, Poisson, Jouvenot, Dangeville, Michonnet 29. Una Volta C’era Un Principe - Gli attori, Adriana, Michonnet, Quinault, Poisson, Jouvenot, Dangeville 30. Vediam... Cielo! - Adriana, Michonnet 31. Poveri Fiori - Adriana, Michonnet, Maurizio 32. Ove, Dunque, Son Io? - Adriana, Maurizio, Michonnet

INSTRUMENTATION 2 Flutes (1 Piccolo) 3 Trombones 2 Harps 2 Oboes (1 Cor Anglais) 1 Tuba Strings 2 Clarinets 1 Timpani On-stage violin 2 Bassoons 3 Percussion 1 Full Score 4 Horns 1 Celeste 3 Trumpets 1 Bells Opera Study Guide and Libretto Cast Recording - Digital Download

ADRIFT IN MACAO Musical in 2 Acts: Book and Lyrics by Christopher Durang; Music by Peter Melnick 59E59 Theaters, 59 East 59th Street, Manhattan. New York - February 13, 2007 - March 4, 2007 SYNOPSIS Set in 1952 in Macao, China, Adrift in Macao is a loving parody of film noir movies. Everyone that comes to Macao is waiting for something, and though none of them know exactly what that is, they hang around to find out. The characters include your film noir standards, like Laureena, the curvacious blonde, who luckily bumps into Rick Shaw, the cynical surf and turf casino owner her first night in town. She ends up getting a job singing in his night club – perhaps for no reason other than the fact that she looks great in a slinky dress. And don’t forget about Mitch, the American who has just been framed for murder by the mysterious villain McGuffin. With songs and quips, puns and farcical shenanigans, this musical parody is bound to please audiences of all ages. STORY Prologue. Macao. China. Figures dart in and out of shadows; a boat docks; happy passengers; moody man, Mitch, in search of a "Mr. McGuffin"; Lureena, a gorgeous woman in an evening gown sings. She meets Rick Shaw who offers her a job as a nightclub singer which she accepts. Elsewhere Mitch is In a Grumpy Mood. He meets Tempura, so named because he has been "battered by life." Mitch is looking for a Mr. Rick Shaw, Tempura answers in riddle, and Mitch offers him a "knuckle sandwich," Tempura relents and brings Mitch to Rick's nightclub where hey run into Corinna, Rick's quirky paramour and the current nightclub singer. She oozes attraction meeting Mitch. Mitch thinks Rick knows how to find McGuffin, but Corinna and Tempura tell him never to mention the terrible Mister McGuffin. Later Rick arrives with Lureena. He's on the make and sends Tempura to tell Corinna she is now "the girl who blows on the dice." Corinna is furious that there'- is a new singer in the nightclub. Lureena finds her thrust on-stage and made to sing. She doesn't know the lyrics but Tempura tells her to "make them up!" Corinna upstages Lureena and sings an old favourite of the customers. Rick then insists Lureena sing as well, and they sing both songs simultaneously. Chaos and a fist fight ensue. Mitch has been watching this from the bar, and is drawn to the beautiful Lureena. It is then that the sparks begin to fly. The next morning Rick is shouted at by Corinna, and then by Lureena who doesn't want his attentions. Mitch comes in looking for Mr. McGuffin. He reads a short story he wrote about his "back story": he was hired by McGuffin to find Jane, he fell in love with her, they hid away, McGuffin killed Jane and pinned the murder on Mitch. The women love Mitch's covered sensitivity. Rick is '1 irritated, but says he'll try to track down McGuffin. Which leaves Mitch waiting in the bar. Lureena tries to rekindle the spark between them but he seems cooler today. Corinna says she wants a hit of opium, and gets embarrassed at her admission, and says she means... pancakes. They all feel Adrift in Macao. Lureena gets a surprise offer of a singing job at the Ticky Ticky Tock Club in Bangkok. Mitch says "You should take it." She's hurt he's so blasé at not seeing her anymore, but he says he's too burned ever to hook up again. She decides to quit the job in Macao, and does so by telling everyone when she is on stage singing. When she leaves, the actor who plays Rick brings out sheet music and insists on singing Rick's Song. Tempura tells Mitch: McGuffin will meet him at 2 a.m. on the docks of Macao. Corinna overhears ominous hints Mitch won't survive this meeting, and she and Lureena decide to warn Mitch. And so, in the fog and with Mr. McGuffin shooting at everyone, there is The Chase.

Mitch and Rick capture Mr. McGuffin and he's...Tempura. Mitch says "But McGuffin was 62" with red hair," and Tempura explainsthat he is, in fact, Irish. Then with a puff of smoke, he's gone. Mitch can now go home to America (because Tempura/McGuffin admitted framing him); and Lureena, giving up on romance with Mitch, invites Corinna to go off to Bangkok with her. In the nightclub, Mitch shows up and admits that he misses Lureena. She is thrilled to hear this. Mitch now runs a nightclub in New York where he and Lureena are now together. Corinna is off drugs due to the "more wholesome environment of America in the fifties" (although she has discovered tranquilisers), and she and Rick plan to get married. An Asian dancer joins the cast - looking a lot like Tempura. But as Mitch says. "Well, even if it is Mr. McGuffin, her legs are good and we need another dancer." Everyone is happy, film noir has disappeared, and the characters lead the audience in a sing-along. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue - Orchestra 2. In A Foreign City - Lureena 3. Grumpy Mood - Mitch 4. Tempura's Song - Tempura 5. Mister McGuffin - Tempura, Corinna, Joe, Daisy 6. Pretty Moon Over Macao - Lureena 7. Mambo Malaysian - Corinna, Lureena 8. Sparks - Mitch, Lureena 9. Adrift In Macao - Mitch, Lureena, Corinna, Tempura 10. So Long - Lureena 11. Rick's Song - Rick 12. The Chase - Ensemble 13. I'm Actually Irish - Tempura 14. Ticky Ticky Tock - Ensemble CAST - 4 m, 3 f • Mitch • Lureena • Tempura • Corinna • Rick Shaw • Joe • Daisy Unit set Adrift in Macao - Original Cast Recording Libretto - Adrift in Macao

THE ADVENTURES OF MR. TOAD a Musical in two Acts based on The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame Music, book and lyrics by Piers Chater-Robinson First performed at the Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke in December 1984, and subsequently at the Theatre Royal, Winchester in January 1985 and at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London in December 1986/January 1987. A fun-filled musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's "The Wind in the Willows" which relates the fall and rise of the impulsive Mr. Toad through a series of daring adventures. The invaluable support of his riverside chums helps to bring about a joyous conclusion. This delightful show is ideal Christmas and holiday fare STORY Act 1 On a glorious Spring morning on the Riverbank the Riverside animals are playing happily when, suddenly, Mole appears from under the ground (HANG SPRING CLEANING). Rat introduces himself and sings of the wonders of river life (MESSING ABOUT). They decide to spend the day together and commence their picnic. Badger arrives, complaining about Toad's latest craze. He then sets off to Toad Hall with the intention of sorting out Toad once and for all. Toad appears (INTRODUCING MR. TOAD) and invites Rat and Mole to go caravanning with him (LET'S JUMP ABOARD). They pack away the picnic and set off in the caravan. The action moves to the Wild Wood, where the wicked Weasels, led by the evil Chief Weasel, are performing their tribal dance (WEASELS REIGN). In the distance is heard the sound of the caravan, which is then forced into a ditch by an approaching car. The Weasels, delighted by the accident, disperse as the panicstricken horse charges onstage. Rat, Mole and Toad arrive. Rat suggests that the cart should be mended but Toad is in the grip of a new craze: he now wants a motor car! Rat takes Toad off to look for the Wheelwright but Mole, left on his own, is frightened by the weird shapes of the Wild Wood. The voices of the Wildwooders lure him into the wood, but Rat arrives just in time to rescue him from the clutches of the Chief Weasel. They decide to take shelter and, by chance, find Badger's house where they stay for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, at Toad Hall Toad is pursuing his latest craze (MR. TOAD). He takes delivery of a new motor car but, as usual, manages to wreck it. After breakfast at Badger's house (BREAKFAST) Mole, Rat and Badger decide that the time has come to take Toad in hand (A DUTY TO PERFORM). On arrival at Toad Hall, while Badger takes Toad inside for a lecture, Rat remembers life on the river (DUCKS' DITTY). The animals lock Toad in his bedroom and take it in turns to guard him until he agrees to give up motor cars. However, Toad feigns illness and escapes through the window to find a new vehicle (MR. TOAD - REPRISE). Act II In the Court Room Toad is in the dock accused of stealing a motor car and, worse still, of cheeking the police. The verdict is a foregone conclusion: Toad is found guilty by the Lady Magistrate who seems more concerned with her knitting than justice. They all gloat over Toad's twenty year sentence (GOODBYE TOAD) and the hapless Toad is taken off to jail. In jail some months later Rosy, the jailer's daughter, brings Toad his breakfast. At her prompting Toad tells of his magnificent mansion (TOAD HALL). Rosy takes pity on him and helps him to escape disguised in the clothes of her aunt, the Washerwoman. Back on the Riverbank the Riverside animals are playing as usual (MESSING ABOUT - REPRISE). To Rat's amazement Toad arrives bedraggled after the adventures of his escape. He goes off to change. Mole and Badger arrive, lamenting that Toad Hall, which has been occupied by the Weasels, is so closely guarded that they cannot find a way in. They are amazed to hear of Toad's escape. Toad returns and is shattered to hear of the loss of his beloved Toad Hall. Badger however reveals

the existence of a secret passage, and they determine to attack (OFF A-BASHING) while the Weasels are celebrating the Chief Weasel's birthday. After much confusion and muddle in the secret passage they burst into the hall after the Weasels have sung of Toad's downfall (TOAD HAS GONE TO PRISON). The Weasels are taken by surprise and the battle ends with a sword fight between Toad and the Chief Weasel. However Mole bops the Chief Weasel on the head, and the animals regain Toad Hall. The Riverside Animals appear together with Toad's caravan, now mended. Toad begins to sing (FINALE - LET'S JUMP ABOARD). Everybody dances in joyous celebration, but suddenly the noise of an aeroplane passing overhead is heard. Toad is transfixed : "It flies - I want one!" he says. Toad has found a brand-new craze! PRINCIPALS: (2 female, 5 male) CAST • Toad • Mole • Rat • Badger • Chief Weasel • Rosy (the jailer's daughter) • Lady Magistrate • Clerk of the Court) • Aunt (the Washerwoman) • Policeman • The Horse • Chorus of Riverside Animals • Chorus of Weasels INSTRUMENTATION: percussion, guitar, piano, bass PRODUCTION NOTES: THE ADVENTURES OF MR. TOAD is a very adaptable musical and can be performed by professional, amateur or school forces. It it also effective with a 'cast of thousands'; this is more suitable for school productions since there is no limit to the size of the Choruses of Animals and Weasels, and doubling of the main characters is not necessary. Some of the settings can be simple front cloths to enable the main sets to be changed behind. The caravan should be practical and the car should be of the large 'pedal' variety. Costumes should be bright and cheerful, and it may help to envisage the show as a fun-filled, three dimensional cartoon. Piers Chater-Robinson

THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER A Musical in 2 Acts, 14 Scenes. Book by Ken Ludwig, based on the novel of the same name by Mark Twain. Music and Lyrics by Don Schlitz. Directed by Scott Ellis. • Choreographed by David Marques. • Scenic design by Heidi Ettinger. • Costume design by Anthony Powell. • Lighting design by Kenneth Posner. • Sound design by Lew Mead. • Musical director, Paul Gemignani. • Orchestrations by Michael Starobin. • Dance and incidental music by David Krane. • Fight director, Rick Sordelet. Minskoff Theatre, New York : Opened 26 April, 2001 : closed 13 May, 2001 (21 perfs) SYNOPSIS Mark Twain's classic story comes to exuberant musical life in this Broadway adaptation of America's favourite book. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer is the irresistible story of a fourteen-year-old boy growing up in the heartland of America. This Broadway musical version of Mark Twain's immortal novel is set in 1840 in St. Petersburg, Missouri, a bustling town on the banks of the Mississippi River. In the course of the story, Tom matches wits with his stern Aunt Polly, falls in love with the beautiful, feisty Becky Thatcher, and goes on the adventure of his life with Becky and that irresistible renegade, Huckleberry Finn. Along the way we meet a terrifying villain named Injun Joe, Tom's bratty half-brother Sid, and all the other boys and girls in the village - providing one scene-stealing children's role after the other. As this fun-filled musical unfolds, we share with Tom and his friends all of the rollicking and heart-stopping adventures that we find in Twain's masterpiece, whether it's Tom tricking his friends into white-washing the fence ("Smart Like That"), crossing swords with schoolmaster Lemuel Dobbins ("Hey, Tom Sawyer"), getting lost in McDougal's Cave ("Angels Lost"), or taking on the Reverend Sprague in church ("In The Bible"). Filled with foot-stomping, toe-tapping songs by Don Schiltz ("The Gambler"), and a warm, funny book by Ken Ludwig ("Crazy For You," "Lend Me A Tenor"), The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer is a tale of thrilling escapes, comedy and inspiration for the whole family. STORY: Act One When the curtain rises we see Tom Sawyer happily fishing in a meadow outside St. Petersburg, Missouri in 1840. When his friends arrive, he joins them in a game of Robin Hood. Tom’s strict but kindly Aunt Polly sends him off to school – where he tricks the schoolmaster, Mr. Dobbins, into letting the class have the day off. Aunt Polly, Mr. Dobbins and the preacher, Reverend Sprague lament that they can’t do a thing about the boy. The next morning, Aunt Polly orders Tom to whitewash the fence in front of their house. Tom’s half-brother, Sid, an insufferable goody-goody, couldn’t be happier. Frustrated, Tom sings about his plan to some day run away and have adventures. As Tom procrastinates, he meets a beautiful newcomer to the town, Becky Thatcher. They’re instantly attracted to each other. Next, along comes Tom’s best friend in the world, the town’s outcast, Huckleberry Finn. When Huck comments that painting the fence looks like fun, Tom gets an idea. Moments later, Tom tricks his schoolmates into painting the fence for him – and paying for the privilege. That night, Tom and Huck go on an adventure and visit the local graveyard. There, hidden behind a