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My Name/Alice OCR 079543 Various Various
Act DRG 06101 Kander Ebb
Aggiungi Un Posto... GCD 71582 Trovaioli Fiastri
AIDS Quilt Songbook HaM 907602 Various Various
Ain't Misbehavin' RCA 02965 Waller et al Various
Ain't Misbehavin' RCA 68415 Waller et al Various
Ain't Misbehavin' Fst CAST53 Waller et al Various
Airborne Symphony RCA 62568 Blitzstein Blitzstein
Aladdin Sony 48205 Porter Porter
Aladdin Dis 60846 Menken Ashman & Rice
Aladdin & His W/Lamp EMI 780426 Shadows Shadows
Alegria RCA 62701 Dupere Dupere et al
All American Sny 48216 Strouse Adams
All That He Was HUR 72066 O'Connor Johnson
All That Jazz Kar 551269 Various Various
Allegro RCA 52758 Rodgers Hammerstein
Always...Patsy Cline MCA 11205 Various Various
Amahl & Night Visitors RCA 06485 Menotti Menotti
Amahl & Night Visitors TER 01124 Menotti Menotti
Amen! Tel 80315 Various Various
America The Beautiful ATM 22570 Volpintesta Volpintesta
American In Paris+ Rhi 71961 Gershwin Gershwin, I
American In Paris CBS 45391 Gershwin Gershwin
Among Friends MPG CD001 Kates Kates
Anastasia Affaire BaC 03025 Rachmaninoff Wright&Forrest
Anchors Away BlM 07007 Various Various
And The Waltz Goes On IAR 55572 Various Various
And World Goes Round RCA 60904 Kander Ebb
Anna Russell's Little.. Sny 47252 Various Various
Anne Of Green Gables Att 01225 Campbell Campbell & Harron
Anne Of Green Gables Sny 53495 Campbell Harron & Campbell
Annie Col 34712 Strouse Charnin
Annie DRG 13114 Strouse Charnin
Annie Col 38000 Strouse Charnin
Annie Get Your Gun MCA 10047 Berlin Berlin
Annie Get Your Gun BOR 05/92 Berlin Berlin
Annie Get Your Gun Las 12449 Berlin Berlin
Annie Get Your Gun Ang 64765 Berlin Berlin
Annie Get Your Gun RCA 01124 Berlin Berlin
Annie Get Your Gun Fst CAST04 Berlin Berlin
Annie Get Your Gun EMI 54206 Berlin Berlin
Annie Get Your Gun JAY 01297 Berlin Berlin
Annie Get Your Gun Rhi 72543 Berlin Berlin
Annie Warbucks Ang 55040 Strouse Charnin
Antarctica EST E5150 Groothius Vander Schouw
Anyone Can Whistle Col 02480 Sondheim Sondheim
Anyone Can Whistle Col 67224 Sondheim Sondheim
Anything Goes Epc 15100 Porter Porter
Anything Goes RCA 07769 Porter Porter
Anything Goes Fst CAST18 Porter Porter
Anything Goes EMI 49848 Porter Porter
Apple Tree Sny 48209 Bock Harnick
Apples WEA 246355 Dury Dury
Arcadians Ang 89057 Monckton & Talbot Wimperis
Are You Lonesome Tonight Fst 06027 Various Various
Arthur And Guinevere DrC ADR500 Shirra Shirra
Aspects Of Love Pol 841126 Lloyd Webber Black & Hart
Assassins RCA 60737 Sondheim Sondheim
At The Drop Of A Hat Par 797465 Swann Flanders
At The Drop/Another Hat Par 974662 Swann Flanders
Athenian Touch AEI 10010 Straight Eddy