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London Theatre Seating Plans

Don't know which seat to book?

  • which seat is best for me?
  • Ever been let down by a bad seat?
  • Never know ehere the best place to sit is?
  • Want the best value for money?


Find out at SeatPlan.co.uk!

Seatplan is here to provide you with current seating information for some of London’s top theatre venues. If you are looking to book tickets for

any type of performance, be it a play, musical, dance or concert finding the best seats at the best price can sometimes be difficult. It is always

worth knowing if a seat offers good value for money before purchasing, and that is where Seat Plan comes in.

How Seat Plan Helps

With our ‘bargain hunter’ and ‘break the bank’ recommendations, Seatplan gives you all the information you need when booking a seat at one of our venues. For each theatre we offer a detailed description of each section to help you make an informed choice. From letting you know where the pillars are, to how good the leg room is, we offer impartial and practical advice to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Our site relies on feedback from users to help others make informed decisions, and is an online community for theatre lovers. At Seatplan, YOUbecome ‘The Seat Inspectors’ and help us to provide am much information as possible. Why not upload pictures from your seat, a brief description of the view or even your thoughts on value for money. This will help the site grow and develop, helping you decide which seat is best for you.

Please remember that the views expressed by Seat Plan are only for guidance and are opinions on seats that can change from performance to performance. Theatres develop distinct price structures depending on the quality of different sections of seating in the auditorium. As a general rule, the more money you pay the better the seat, although there are bargains to be had which have been highlighted by The Seat Inspector.


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