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Welcome to Beetleheart.

The inspiration behind this site is for directors - whether from the professional theatre world or in charge of the school production - to be able to instantly get hold of the script, read through and download, legally, as many copies as needed.

All the plays are highly creative and innovative: some are based on an original idea like Beetleheart and Daydream Believer : others are based on historic events - for instance the Romanov family and the Russian Revolutions, OTMA's Glory or Starry Night set amongst the artistic world of Paris in the 1890's; others on classical literature, Pride, Pop & Prejudice and Scrooge; others are ideal for assemblies - Creation. Take a look!

Perform A Play - don't miss our annual drama week for young people this July/August. Camp or come daily and get hot creatively acting, singing, dancing, making props, costumes, doing make-up and more!

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Beetleheart Publishing: Innovative, creative, award-winning plays

'magic ... magnificent' 

Bruce Hanks, Harare, Zimbabwe

'the kids are having a ball' 


'... a blast to direct ...'

Maggie McGee, Broadway St, IA

'the plays are brilliant ... it was hilarious 

... a huge success' 

Cori Gillespie, Canada

'refreshing and imaginative characters and plots 

... very insightful, very clever 

... we are enjoying your work very much' 

Louis Philippe, Director, Reindeer Theatre, USA