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Next Gen Publications

About us

Tired of puerile, patronising and poorly written school shows with little relevance to today’s young performers? Sick of cynical adaptations of Broadway shows that offer nothing new to young minds, save watered down versions of pre-existing or dated theatre works?

So are we.

That’s why, at Next Gen, we decided to create the kind of show that kids actually want to perform. Interesting characters, innovative storytelling and contemporary and exciting music combine to create a theatrical experience that will remain with your pupils long after the house lights go up.
Quality meets creativity.

We here at Next Gen aim to provide a friendly and helpful service to schools, and a catalogue of fresh, contemporary musicals to entertain pupils and audiences alike.

Every title in our catalogue is assessed for quality to ensure that it meets the exacting standards required by you, ourselves, and the market in general. Because teachers, and pupils, deserve the very best when it comes to school shows.

Next Gen - where quality matters.

School Musicals

Fantasical Worlds, Extraordinary Characters, Mysterious Beings, Unforgettable Songs...

Welcome to the exciting world of Next Gen publications, online publishers of original musical scripts and scores for junior schools, senior schools and youth groups.

Quality School Musicals for the 21st Century

Tired of the same old stale school shows and peurile adaptations of out of date and out of touch musicals? Let us rock your world with theatre composed specifically for todays’ young performers. Next Gen are proud to bring you the best in contemporary musical theatre for schools, from the magical and moving through to the weird and wonderful.

Why your school will love our musicals

We work with a fresh, talented team of writers, musicians, and composers to bring you only the best in youth musical theatre. Next Gen can offer you:

We publish exclusively for pupils, parents, teachers, and teenagers. Guaranteed great fun for performers and audience alike!

Contemporary Musical Theatre for Schools, Amateurs, and Youth Groups

Whether you are looking for music to suit junior school kids and primary or elementary education, high, secondary and senior schools, or an amateur or youth group, we have the right script for you, ready to download today. Simply browse through our exciting range of contemporary youth musical theatre.

Contact us for more information and synopses of shows available