All the Fun of the Fair

All the Fun of the Fair

Compilation musical: Music: Ian Wherry. Book: Jon Conway. Based on the music of David Essex

Garrick Theatre, London - 28th April, 2010 - September , 2010


"Roll on up, see the main attraction,
get your money ready, let's take a ride...

David Essex and Boogie Nights creator Jon Conway invite you to a roller coaster ride of a musical, underscored by a helter- skelter of David Essex hits and album favourites.

Inspired by David’s debut album ‘All The Fun Of The Fair’, as the words of the title song suggest David plays fun fair owner Levi Lee, recently widowed and father of a rebellious teenage son. Danger and mysticism lurk in the future, as predicted by the gypsy fortune teller who is in love with Levi. This moving and contemporary story with a heartbreaking twist, reaches out to every parent and anyone who has ever been torn in love.

Dodgems and motorbikes, crafty cons and candy floss, fairground horses and fights, along with romance and rock and roll bring out the carnival atmosphere, but beware… all is not always fun at the fair!”

Musical Numbers

  1. Winter's Tale - Rosa
  2. All the Fun of the Fair - Levi and Company
  3. He Noticed Me - Alice and Mary
  4. Here We Are All Together - Company
  5. Hold Me Close - Jack and Company
  6. Pretty Thing - Jack and Alice
  7. Rock On - Levi and Harvey
  8. Me And My Girl (Nightclubbing) - Jack, Jonny and Company
  9. Street Fight - Harvey and Druid
  10. Gonna Make You a Star - Company
  11. Father And Son - Levi and Jack
  12. You're In My Heart - Levi, Rosa, Jack, Alice and Mary
  13. Lamplight - Jack
  14. Stay Young And Free - Harvey and Alice
  15. She's Leaving - Jonny, Levi, Harvey and Company
  16. If I Could - Jack and Alice
  17. Dangerous - Levi, Mary and Company
  18. Silver Dream Machine - Jack, Jonny and Levi
  19. It's Gonna Be Alright - Levi
  20. Here We Are All Together (Reprise) - Levi and Company