Adaptation and lyrics by Jim Eiler, based on the novel by Lewis Carroll.
Music by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy


Another Prince Street Players children's musical where we meet again all those characters from Lewis Carroll and put them together in a crazy patchwork world worthy of Mr Dodgson himself. It's not Disney, but it's just as much fun!


Act One

Alice is sitting on a tree stump reading a book. The book bores her and she puts it down to take a little nap. As she falls asleep, she dreams her way into Wonderland...

A very white rabbit comes hopping by wearing a waistcoat and pocket watch. He is in a rush and is very upset that he is running late. Alice asks where he is going and he tells her he responds down the rabbit hole. She asks if she can join him and he indeed takes her. They fall for what seems like forever and end up in a hallway. The rabbit rushes through a door and Alice loses him. She tries various doors, but they are all locked. Suddenly, a table appears, and on it is a key, a bottle and a glass box. Alice tries to open three doors with the key. It fits all the locks but Alice is too tall to fit through any of them. The table tells her to try and drink from the bottle, which causes her to shrink! She is small enough to fit through the doors now. She has forgotten the key on the table but is too small to reach it. She then eats the cake that is in the glass box, which causes her to grow large enough to reach the key.

The Rabbit comes running through again and drops his gloves and fan. She puts the gloves on and they make her shrink again. Alice is so confused by this place she begins to cry, and suddenly finds herself in a pool of water. She has cried so much that she is going to have to swim through her own tears. As she swims, a mouse comes swimming past her. As she converses with him a duck, a lorry and a dodo come swimming up, too. They have come to find out who Alice is. After they all introduce themselves, the birds lead Alice and the mouse ashore. They decide the best way to dry off is to have a caucus race. This is a race where they start in a circle and all start and stop when they wish and run any way they wish. All of the racers win the race and reward each other with prizes. Alice gives the animals candies and they present her with a thimble. Then, the mouse begins to tell them a story. His story is long and bores them all. When he realizes they are not listening he becomes furious. After he runs off, Alice begins to talk about her cat back at home. This frightens the birds and they scurry off as well. Then the rabbit comes running back in looking for his gloves and fan. Alice gives them to him and he runs off again.

Next, a caterpillar appears. Alice is so confused about who and where and what she is. She figures a caterpillar would understand since he will transform into a butterfly. He explains that he is excited about the change since only the outside will change but inside he will still be the same. Alice walks off and finds the Cheshire cat sitting in a tree in the courtyard of the Duchess. The Duchess, her cook, and her baby come in. Alice tastes the cook's soup and asks if there is too much pepper in it. He becomes angry with her and they all start running around talking about too much pepper and people just minding their own business! Then, the Duchess hands the baby to Alice and tells her to care for him while she gets ready to go play croquet. Upon closer inspection, Alice realizes the baby is really a pig. The rabbit rushes in and hands Alice a ticket to go see the show at the Palace Music Hall. The first on the bill are Flora and Dora who are dancing daisies. Next are Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, identical twins who sing in harmony and dance. Then, the rabbit, who is the emcee, presents Alice as the next act. She is to sing the tale of the Walrus and the Carpenter. She does so with help from some of the others present. After singing, Alice is even more confused than ever, and all the characters she has encountered come dancing and singing around her.

Act Two

Alice asks the rabbit where she should go next. He tells her that in one direction is a Hatter and in one direction is a March Hare. The rabbit claims that they are both mad so she could go see either one, but Alice does not wish to see anyone who is mad. The Cheshire cat explains that here in Wonderland, everyone is mad. Then he takes his leave to go see the Queen play croquet. Alice decides to go see the March Hare.

The March Hare, Mad Hatter and Dormouse are all seated together at a table. As Alice approaches they all tell her there is no room. Everything is mad and confusing with them. They are telling riddles that they do not know the answers to and recite partial poems and keep looking at watches that tell the day of the month but not the time. Alice wonders why there are so many teacups and they explain that it is always teatime so they never have time to wash up. Alice gets frustrated with the tea party and leaves. The rabbit finds Alice and rushes her along to the croquet game where the King and Queen are expecting them. They enter to find the King, Queen and Jack of Hearts and 3 other playing cards all gathered. The Queen asks Alice who she is and why she is there. As soon as she responds the Queen yells, "Off with her head!" The King stops her and Alice begins to play a game of croquet. The Queen does not even allow Alice to play and declares herself the winner. When Alice tries to argue, the queen threatens to behead her again! No matter what Alice will say or do, the Queen will threaten to behead her. The Queen asks Alice if she has seen the Mock Turtle. She replies that she does not even know what a mock turtle is. The Queen rushes off and says that Alice shall hear his story.

The Queen passes her off to the Gryphon and tells him to take her to the Mock Turtle. As he tells his story, the rabbit rushes in announcing that the trial is about to begin. Everyone runs off to the courtroom. The trial, like everything in Wonderland seems like total nonsense. All of the characters Alice had met are being called as witnesses and they are all displaying their madness and idiosyncrasies. As everything builds Alice gets worked into a frenzy. She suddenly awakes and realizes that she has only been dreaming. But what a curious dream it was! The real world is a Wonderland, too. Alice is being called for supper-and she shall put too much pepper in her soup-and there are real rabbits and turtles and mice and caterpillars-and she even has a deck of playing cards with a real King and Queen.


6 Male, 4 Female (If actors play multiple roles)

Character Breakdown

Musical Numbers

  1. Doors and Tables
  2. Curiouser
  3. How-Ja-Do
  4. Follow Me
  5. Whe I Become a Butterfly
  6. Speak Roughly
  7. The Palace Muscial Hall
  8. The Tweedle Brothers
  9. Walrus and Carpenter
  10. First Act Finale
  11. I'm Mad, You're Mad
  12. Time For Tea
  13. Oh, What a Lovely Day
  14. Beautiful Soup
  15. The Turtle Tango
  16. Act Two Finale



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