Operetta for young ladies - in two acts; Music by Charles Vincent: Libretto by Victor H. Vincent


Eva Hope, an American girl, is travelling with her father in England, when he is called to Germany on business, and arranges for Eva, accompanied by her maid, to stay with his sister, Lady Melton, at Belford Hall. By some mistake, Eva comes to Belford House, a holiday school kept by Miss Carew who is expecting a new girl from Ireland. Eva arrives during the temporary absence of Miss Carew and soon discovers the mistake, but agrees with two of the girls to stay for a day and impersonate the Irish girl. This leads to some amusing incidents, as Miss Carew, who is slightly deaf, is completely deceived.


Vera Burdett (Soprano) - An orphan - Pupil at Belford House Holiday School
Myra Burdett (Mezzo) - her sister
Miss Carew (Soprano) - Principal of Belford House School. A very deaf lady
Miss Miffins (Contralto) - Aunt to Eva May Hope
Bridget O'Halloran (mezzo) - Eva Hope's Maid
Eva May Hope (Mezzo) - The American Girl from Chicago, touring Europe with her Papa, who at present is in Germany

Other Pupils:

Edna Harris (Mezzo)
Violet Newman (Soprano)
Dora Beale (Soprano)

Musical Numbers:

Sing a Song In Praise of Summer - Chorus
I Am Fond of Mild Sensations - Vera and Myra)
The Old Fashioned Way - Myra
In Chicago, USA - Eva May
The Muscular Maidens - Edna with chorus
Mind Your Ps and Qs - Miss Miffins
When We Leave School - Chorus with solo verses
Hammock Song - Violet
The Modest Maidens - Chorus
The Land of A,B,C, - Dora
The Jealous Canary - Miss Carew
Patrick O'Rafferty - Bridget
The Military Maidens - Eva May with chorus
Goodnight - Vesper Chorus
Whatever Can It Be? - Chorus
Now It Is Over - Finale - Ensemble


Act I

Front Garden of Belford House School. School House in background. To the left - wall and hammock, also trees; at the juncture of the left and background is an Arch in the wall leading to the playgrounds. To the right - long garden seat and wooden archway leading to schoolhouse.

Act II

As above - Time 7.30 p.m.