Andy Capp

Book by Trevor Peacock
Music by Alan Price
Lyrics by Alan Price and Trevor Peacock

First performed at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester and subsequently at the Aldwych Theatre in 1982 with Tom Courtenay, Alan Price and Val McLane heading the cast.


This exuberant musical, with a delightful score, conjures up the timeless dream world of work shy, beer-swilling Andy Capp, known the world over from Reg Smythe's cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror

The story is essentially a narrative setting an upcoming wedding (of Raquel and Elvis) against the ongoing fracas in Andy and Flo's household. But it is also a faithful evocation of the cartoon, full of mother-in-law jokes, drunken escapades, big-bosomed, mini-skirted women wielding rolling pins and paunchy, cloth-capped men stomping around in boots.

The Cast:

M11 F9. Extras may be used

Original London Cast

Characters in order of appearance:

The Scenes

Various simple interior and exterior settings

Andy Capp Logo - by Smythe

Musical Numbers

  1. On My Street - Geordie
  2. We're Waiting - The Company
  3. Good Evening - The Company
  4. I Ought to be Ashamed of Myself - Andy and The Company
  5. Good Old Legs - Andy and Chalkie
  6. I Have a Dream - Raquel and Elvis
  7. Oh Gawd, Men...Beasts! - Mrs Scrimmett
  8. Points of View - The Company
  9. Spend Spend Spend - Flo, Ruby and Raquel
  10. Don't Tell Me That Again - Andy and Flo
  11. Frozen Moments - Geordie
  12. I Could Not Have Dreamed Him - Raquel
  13. Goin' to Barcelona - Mrs Scrimmett
  14. Hermione - Andy
  15. When You've Lived in Love with Someone - Flo
  16. Mr Scrimmett - Mr Scrimmett
  17. The Trouble with People - Andy and Geordie
  18. It's Better to be in Simple Harmony - The Company
  19. The Wedding - The Company
  20. I Ought to be Ashamed of Myself (reprise) - Andy and The Company
  21. Simple Harmony (reprise) - The Company


Piano Conductor, Woodwind 1, Woodwind 2, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar 1, Drums, Bass, Synthesiser

Original London Cast Recording