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A Musical in 2 Acts, 4 Scenes. Book by Ketti Frings and Peter Udell. Based on the play "Look Homeward Angel" by Ketti Frings, adapted from the novel of the same name by Thomas Wolfe. Music by Gary Geld. Lyrics by Peter Udell.

Minskoff Theater, Broadway - Opened 10th May, 1978: closed 13th May, 1978 (5 performances)


It is early autumn of 1916 at the Gant boarding house and 17 year old Eugene Gant is about to leave the home that has become a prison for his family. His father seeks sanctuary in drink and trying to carve the winged grace of an angel in stone. His mother devotes herself to the boarding house and its meager rewards. His tubercular brother is doomed, and his sister is a drudge.

After a brief affair with a pretty boarder, Eugene rushes toward a brighter future.

Musical Numbers

  1. Angel Theme - Orchestra
  2. All the Comforts of Home - Boarders
  3. Like the Eagles Fly - Ben Gant
  4. Make a Little Sunshine - Eliza Gant, Eugene Gant, Ben Gant
  5. Fingers and Toes - W.O. Gant, Tim Laughran, Reed McKinney, Joe Tarkington
  6. Fatty - Ben Gant
  7. Astoria Gloria - Fatty Pert and Boarders
  8. Railbird - Eugene Gant
  9. If I Ever Loved Him - Laura James
  10. A Dime Ain't Worth a Nickel - Ben Gant, Fatty Pert
  11. I Got a Dream to Sleep On - Eugene Gant
  12. Drifting - Eliza Gant
  13. I Can't Believe It's You - W.O. Gant, Madam Victoria
  14. Feelin' Loved - Eugene Gant, Laura James
  15. A Medley - Ben, Fatty, Eliza, Laura
  16. Tomorrow I'm Gonna Be Old - W.O. Gant
  17. Feelin' Loved (Reprise) - Eugene and Laura
  18. How Do You Say Goodbye - Laura
  19. Gant's Waltz - W.O. Gant and Eliza Gant
  20. Like the Eagles Fly (Reprise) - Eugene Gant


Scenes and Settings

The action takes place in Altamount, North Carolina, during the autumn of 1916.

Act 1

Act 2