Musical. Book, music and lyrics by Phillip DePoy.


This uplifting musical, filled with the light of a raucous, otherworldly messenger, takes the audience from midnight to dawn with humour and joy. A critically ill young woman is visited by an Angel in the middle of the night; but her father thinks 'he visitor is a homeless woman who's got into their apartment.

The Angel must find a way to make the father believe before she can make the daughter well. This she does with the aid of her choir, a body of angels living in the woodwork of their run-down little home. With the song "If This Is Life, Make Me a Lion," the Angel explains how she came to be a force in the Universe. When the choir sings "The Song of Solomon" the young woman remembers the beauty of being in love.

When the young woman dies, the Angel encourages the father to have just one iota of faith, "A Little Mustard Seed." And when the daughter comes back to life and is miraculously healed, the theatre is filled with the powerful "Life Replaces Death and the Soul Will Shout." Early in the first act, the father is baffled by his daughter talking to "invisible people," and the Angel explains to the audience: "He can't see you because he doesn't know he's in a play just like most of you. You don't know you're in a play either. It doesn't matter. It's a metaphor anyway."

Angels breaks the barriers between life and death, and finds faith in the smallest of moments ... and in the wonder of music

"Angels takes wing with heavenly tunes'' (Atlanta Journal and Constitution).

Cast: 1m., 2w.

Single set.

Piano/Vocal score and Audition Tape available.