Cover to Vocal ScoreANNE OF GREEN GABLES

A Musical in 2 acts, 23 scenes: From the novel by L M. Montgomery; Adapted by Donald Harron: Lyrics by Donald Harron and Norman Campbell; Additional Lyrics by Mavor Moore and Elaine Campbell; Music by Norman Campbell

Produced at the New Theatre, London - 16 April, 1969
New York City Center 21 December 1971 (16 perfs)


Ageing Matthew Cuthbert suffers a heart attack during harvest, 1903, and his grim-visaged sister determines to adopt an orphanage boy to help with the farm work at Green Gables. By mistake, a girl arrives, red-haired, freckled and over-talkative. Her vivid imagination and entertaining flow of chatter endear her to Matthew, but sister Marilla is set on packing her back as soon as possible . For once, Matthew wins, and this enchanting musical tells how young Anne Shirley finally overcomes the hostilities of her companions at the local school, and wins the hearts of the gossiping inhabitants of a close-knit Canadian community - even Marilla's. Laughter comes far too often the great for the sentiment to cloy. performances.

For the Chorus

Originally produced without "general company", the musical nevertheless offers some thirty roles of varying lengths: and who minds if twenty singers arrive when the script calls for a farmer, a townsman, and three ladies of Avonlea'? A vastly tuneful score uses harmony sparingly for voices making it all the more effective when it arrives. General company should sustain individual character throughout as "the good people of Avonlea". These, naturally, include the younger generation-the school pupils -who should be played as teenagers, not 'stage babes'. Dancing is an important feature of the performance.

Singing Principals

Anne Shirley.
Marilla Cuthbert.
Diana Barry, a schoolgirl who becomes Anne's best friend.
Josie Pye, a schoolgirl who starts as Anne's worst enemy.
Mrs Barry, Diana's wealthy mother.
Mrs Pye, Josie's mother.
Rachel Lynde, a hard heart that softens.
Lucilla, from the store at Carmody.
Miss Stacy, a schoolmistress.
Matthew Cuthbert
Gilbert Blythe, a youth who becomes Anne's beau.

Smaller Roles (all of whom sing)

Ladies of Avonlea - Mrs MacPherson, Mrs Sloane, Mrs Spencer, Mrs Blewett,
Schoolgirls - Prissy Andrews, Ruby Gillis, Tillie Boulter, Gertie Pye
The stationmaster, a farmer, a mailman, a townsman.
Schoolboys - Moody McPherson, Charlie Sloane, Tommy Sloane, Gerry Buote
The Minister. A visiting clergyman

Musical Numbers



  1. ENSEMBLE (Chorus of Ladies, with Solos) - "Great Workers for the Cause"
    and (Ladies, with Farmer and Mailman) "Where Is Matthew Going?
  2. SONG (Anne with Matthew) - "Gee, I'm Glad I'm No-one Else But Me"
    2A Scene Link 2/3
  3. TRIO (Marilla, Matthew and Anne) - "We Clearly Requested a Boy"
    3A Scene Link 3/4
  4. Scene Link 4/5
    4A SONG (Anne) - "The Facts"
  5. Scene Link 5/6 and
    CHORUS OF LADIES (With Farmer and Mailman) - "Where'd Marilla Come From?
    5A Scene Link 6/7
  6. Matthew's Entrance and Dance
  7. Matthew's Exit
    7A DUET (Matthew and Anne) "Humble Pie"
  8. Marilla and Anne come downstairs
    8A SONG (Anne) - "Apology"
  9. CHORUS (Boys and Girls) "Back to School" and School Ballet
  10. SONG (Gilbert) - "Wond'rin'"
  11. ENSEMBLE (Josie, Mrs Pye and Others) "Did You Hear?"
    11a - Scene Link 11/12
  12. PICNIC MUSIC and SONG (Diana with Anne and Chorus) - "Ice Cream"
    12B PICNIC MUSIC Part 2



  1. ENSEMBLE (Gilbert, Anne and Others) "Summer"
  2. DUET (Anne and Diana) - "Kindred Spirits"
  3. SONG (Miss Stacy and Pupils) - "Open the Window"
    15A PLAY-OFF and REPRISE (Anne and Diana) "Kindred Spirits"
  4. Anne goes upstairs
    16A - SONG (Matthew) (or see alternative No. 16B) - "The Words"
    16B - SONG (Matthew) (Alternative) - "When I Say My Say"
    16C Scene Link 3/4
  5. Scene Link 4/5
    17A - REPRISE (Miss Stacey) "Open the Window" and Nature Hunt Ballet
  6. DUET (Anne and Gilbert) - "I'll Show Him"
  7. ENSEMBLE and Scene Link 6/7 - "General Store"
    19A - TRIO (Gilbert, Josie, Diana and Children) - "Prince Edward Island"
  8. ENSEMBLE (Stationmaster, Mrs Lynde, Mr Phillips, Gilbert, Miss Stacey and Chorus) - "If It Hadn't Been for Me"
    20A - Scene Link 7/8
  9. REPRISE (Chorus) - "Summer"
    SOLO (Gilbert) - "Wond'rin' "
    21A - REPRISE (Matthew) - "Anne of Green Gables"
  10. REPRISE (Marilla) - "The Words"
  11. REPRISE (Anne and Gilbert) - "Wond'rin"'
  12. CURTAIN CALLS—REPRISE (Chorus) "Summer" and "Ice Cream"

The Scenes

Act I

The church parlour (front drop).
Bright River Railroad Station (cut out).
Green Gables.
A road in Avonlea (front cloth).
Mrs Blewett's house (inset).
The Schoolhouse.
"All over Town" (front drop).
The picnic site

Act II

Outside the Schoolhouse.
A road in Avonlea.
Green Gables.
The nature hunt.
The store at Carmody (inset).
The Schoolhouse.

(Except on unusually well-equipped stages, sufficient depth is required for Green Gables to remain standing, well upstage, all the other scenes being played downstage of the house's setting line)


1st Violins, Violins 2 and 3, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Bassoon, 2 Horns, 2 Trumpets, Trombone, Drums, Harp. (The percussionist has much "hammer" work and requires Xylophone plus at least one other keyboard instrument with more dulcet tone, such as Glock or Vibes)

Cover to original cast recordingDiscography:

London Cast Recording - CBS 70053