Cover to orignal cast recordingTHE APPLE TREE

A Musical in Three Acts. (3 One Act Musicals.) Book by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick. Based on stories by Mark Twain, Frank R. Stockton and Jules Feiffer. Additional book material by Jerome Coopersmith. Music by Jerry Bock. Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick.

Shubert Theatre Broadway - 18 October, 1966 (463 perfs)

Three one-act musicals make a varied and variable-length entertainment bursting with tunes. The first, THE DIARY OF ADAM AND EVE, recalls the trials and tribulations of the first two humans. The second, THE LADY OR THE TIGER?, tells of the fickleness of love in a mythical 'rock and roll' barbarian kingdom. The last tale, PASSIONELLA, deals with a chimney sweep who becomes a glamorous movie star.


The Apple Tree consists of 3 one-act musicals. The Diary of Adam and Eve is a charming and beautiful twist to the Bible story with Eve dominating Adam's right to name all living things as she interjects herself into Adam's heretofore uncomplicated life in Eden. The Lady and the Tiger presents the age-old tale of the victorious warrior Sanjar, who makes the supreme mistake of loving the King's daughter, and getting caught. For his trial he must choose between two doors — behind one a beautiful girl; behind the other a ferocious tiger. Barbara learns which door is which. After a tormented decision (love for him — life; jealousy of the other woman — death), she gives Sanjar a sign. Which door did she choose — lady or tiger? Passionella is a chimney sweep rendered unemployed by automation. She whiles away her time in front of her TV set yearning to be a movie star. Her TV-oriented neighbourhood fairy godmother appears and grants her every wish — between the hours of the evening news and the late late show. As a star she finds fame hollow until she meets an earthy rock 'n' roll singer named Flip. She adopts a new humble image and wins an Oscar. Passionella and Flip are married, only to discover that they both subscribe to the same neighbourhood fairy godmother.


Act I The Diary of Adam and Eve:

Based on the short story The Diary of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain. The action takes place on Saturday, 1 June in Eden.

Cast : 2 Male, 1 Female. Adam, Eve, Snake

Musical Numbers

Here in Eden - Eve
Feelings - Eve
Eve - Adam
Friends - Eve
The Apple Tree (Forbidden Fruit) - Snake
Beautiful, Beautiful World - Adam
It's a Fish - Adam
Go to Sleep, Whatever You Are - Eve
What Makes Me Love Him - Eve

Act II - The Lady or the Tiger?

Based on the short story The Lady or the Tiger? by Frank R. Stockton. The action takes place a long time ago in a semi-barbaric kingdom.

Cast: 3 Male, 2 Female: Balladeer: King Arik: Princess Barbara: Prisoner: Prisoner's Bride: Captain Sanjar: Guard: King Arik's Court:

Musical Numbers

I'll Tell You a Truth - Balladeer
Make Way - King's Court, King Arik
Forbidden Love (In Gaul) - Princess Barbara, Captain Sanjar
The Apple Tree (reprise) - Balladeer
I've Got What You Want - Princess Barbara
Tiger, Tiger - Princess Barbara
Make Way (reprise) - King's Court
Which Door? - Captain Sanjar, Princess Barbara, King Arik, King's Court
I'll Tell You a Truth (reprise) - Balladeer

Act III Passionella

Based on the novella Passionella by Jules Feiffer. The action takes place now and here.

Cast:4 Male, 1 Female: Narrator: Ella and Passionella: Mr. Fallible: Producer: Flip, the Prince, Charming: Subways Riders, El Morocco Patrons, Fans, Flip's Following Movie Set Crew, etc.:

Musical Numbers

Oh, To Be a Movie Star Ella
Gorgeous - Ella
(Who, Who, Who, Who) Who Is She? - The Company
Wealth - Ella
You Are Not Real - Prince Charming, Company
George L. - Ella, Prince Charming

Period and Costumes:

Adam and Eve, plain modern-day dress, sports shirt, slacks, plus tuxedo for devil. Lady and the Tiger, brief, feathered and jewelled, Arabian-Nights-like. Passionella, special gowns, evening wear, leather jackets and pants, costumes for doubles.


Adam and Eve, none. Lady and the Tiger, 1 wild whip-cracking number, choreographed pantomiming of the two-door justice of the land. Passionella, modern, discotheque.

Lighting and Special Effects:

Scrim helpful in Adam and Eve. Passionella loaded with flash pots, doubles, rear projected film in background, etc. The original sets for The Apple Tree were cast plastic with self-contained lights similar to modern petrol service station signs.

Scenes and Settings

Three parts:


Violin, viola, cello, bass, flute (pic, clar, melodica, alto sax, Eb clar), G flute (C flute, clar, pic, alto sax), oboe (bass clar, clar, Eng. horn, tenor sax), flute (clar, tenor sax), bassoon (clar, bass clar, bari sax), trumpet III, trombone I, II, III, guitar, harp, percussion, piano-conductor.


Original Broadway Cast recording - Sony Broadway SK 48209