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Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Book & Lyrics by Charles Hart & Don Black adapted from Aspects of Love by David Garnett

Prince of Wales Theatre 17 April, 1989 (1325 perfs)
Broadhurst Theatre, Broadway - 8 April, 1990 (377 perfs)


Alex Dillingham, a young soldier, is smitten by Rose Vibart, a young actress whom he meets after a performance of The Master Builder being performed at a Montpelier theatre. Alex invites Rose to spend some time with him at his wealthy uncle's mansion in Pau. Uncle George is away but the gardener informs him of Alex's plans and George Dillingham decides to investigate things for himself. George has been in Paris with a young mistress, Giulietta, an Italian sculptor but he leaves her to travel to Pau and meet Rose who, on his arrival at Pau, shocks him: she is wearing a dress that used to belong to his late wife.

Two years pass, and, visiting his uncle in Paris, Alex finds that Rose has moved in with George. Alex is incensed and attempts to shoot George. There is a struggle but it is Rose who is injured. George leaves and rejoins Giulietta. It is here that Rose arrives and is immediately attracted to Giulietta. It doesn't stop her asking George to marry her, however, and he does so.

Twelve years later Rose is performing in Paris when the 30-year old Alex appears on the scene. Rose takes Alex down to Pau where George is living with their daughter, Jenny. Young Jenny falls in love with Alex who tries to hide his affection for her. George sees the situation developing and decides to spy on the couple. In so doing he suffers a heart attack. Rose asks Alex to stay on after the funeral but this is impossible - he is torn between Rose and Jenny - the two women he loves and who, in turn love him.

There is another option, the simple, uncomplicated love of Giulietta. And as for Rose, she ensures that she is anything but lonely.

Musical Numbers

Anything But Lonely
Chanson d'Enfance
Everybody Loves a Hero
The First Man You Remember
Hand Me the Wine and the Dice
The Journey of a Lifetime
Leading Lady
Love Changes Everything
A Memory of a Happy Moment
Mermaid Song
Other Pleasures
Parlez-vous Français?
Seeing Is Believing
She'd Be Far Better Off With You
Stop. Wait Please
There Is More To Love