A Musical Play in 2 Acts. Book and lyrics by Joseph W. Herbert. Music by Reginald DeKoven.

Herald Square Theatre, New York - 10th April - 7th August, 1909 (137 perfs)


General Samovar's daughter, Nadine is engaged to Nikolas Kromeski but in love with Jacques Baccarel, an artist the general hates because of Jacques's avant-garde notions of painting. The general is unaware that Baccarel had once painted his wife and called the picture "The Beauty Spot." Samovar is also unaware that Nikolas has returned from overseas, bringing a bride with him.

Jacques and Nikolas exchange disguises, and the new Nikolas convinces the general to buy "The Beauty Spot" after some more clothing has been painted on the model. In the end Samovar is reconciled to Jacques and Nadine's marrying.

Musical Numbers

Act 1

  1. "Wading" (Opening Chorus) Bathing Girls, Chorus
  2. "She Sells Sea Shells" (Song) (Music by Harry Gifford. Lyrics by Terry Sullivan.) - Samovar, Girls
  3. "The Ballerino" (Duo) - Nichette, Samovar
  4. "Memoirs" - Nichette
  5. "Foolish Questions" (Music by A. Baldwin Sloane. Lyrics by William Lee.) - Nichette
  6. "A Song of the Sea" (Ensemble) - Nadine, Chorus
  7. "(The) Boulevard Glide" (Duet) (Music by Melville Gideon. Lyrics by E. Ray Goetz.) - Samovar, Nadine
  8. "Creole Days" (Romance) Jacques, Artists
  9. "Goo-Goo" (Chansonette) - Nadine
  10. Ensemble - Samovar, Nichette, Nadine, Jacques
  11. "The Prince of Borneo" (Song) - Chickoree
  12. "Toujours la Politesse" (Trio) - Nadine, Nokolas, Jacques
  13. "Coo-ee" (Song) - Pomare, Artists
  14. Finale Act 1 - Principals, Chorus

Act 2

  1. Opening Scene: Barcarolla - Victor
  2. Fete des Fleurs - Chorus
  3. Valse Pas Seul - Nadine
  4. "Haut Ecole" (Chariot Song; Ballet) - Ladies' Octette, Ensemble
  5. "(The) Cinematograph" (Song) - Samovar
  6. "Choose Her in the Morning" (song) (Music and Lyrics by Paul Barnes and R. Weston) - Samovar
  7. "Boys Will Be Boys" (Quintette) Countess Nitsky, Artists
  8. The Fete (Ensemble):
  9. "Salaam" (Entrance) - Chorus
  10. Nautchtance - Models
  11. "Pretty Punchinello" (Song) - Nadine
  12. Coconut Dance - Artists
  13. "He Loved Me Tender" (He Loved Her Tender) (Song) - Samovar, Ensemble
  14. "In a Hammock" (Hammock Love Song, or Swinging the Summer Night Long) - Nadine, Jacques
  15. "The Jungle Man" (Legend) - Pomare, Maids
  16. "Ode de Aphrodite" (Septette) - Countess Nitsky, Nadine, Jacques, Artists
  17. Finale - Principals, Chorus


  • General Samovar, of the Russian legation, at Paris
  • Nikolas Kromeski, his nephew, a Dutch coffee planter from Borneo
  • Baron Lecoq, Chef de Surete, Paris Bureau of Police
  • Jacques Baccarel, an American painter from New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Chickoree, his valet
  • Artists, Friends of Baccarel
    • Victor
    • Gustave
    • Jean
    • Paul
  • Commissionaire
  • Waiter
  • Nichette, the General's second wife, formerly an actress and model
  • Countess Nitsky, the General's sister
  • Pomare, wife of Kromeski, a native of Borneo
  • Nadine, the General's daughter
  • Artists' Model
    • Zulieka
    • Naouma
    • Mimi
    • Ninette
  • Friends of Nichette, The "S" Girls:
    • Samis
    • Sadhu
    • Sybile
    • Sorrell
    • Sarinne
    • Suzanne
    • Shanley
    • Shirley

Bathing Girls, Maids, Chairmen, Artists, Officers of the Fleet, Sailors, Models, Nautch Dancers, Aborigines, etc, etc.

Scenes and Settings

Act 1: Grand Hotel at Dinard, in the South of France.

Act 2: Tropical gardens adjoining the hotel

Musical Numbers (vocal score)

ACT I - Grand Hotel at Dinard, France.

  1. Introduction and Ensemble - "Frêre Jacques, Frêre Jacques, dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Sonnez la mattina, sonnez la mattina, Bim bam boum! ..."
  2. Entrance of Yachtsmen - Nadine and Chorus - "Ahoy! Aloft! below! The salty breezes blow! Our anchor's cast and the ship holds fast..."
  3. Song - Jacques - "Ah! love was long, was long and ever youthful in those good old Creole days, for men were strong, were strong and ever truthful..."
  4. Chansonnette - Nadine - "When but a child of one or less, I must confess I loved a swain most ardently, and he loved me. He told of his affection true..."
  5. Ensemble and Song - Chickoree - "A suitor he on bended knee, what idiotic chatter! What means this row?
  6. Pray tell us now, whatever is the matter?"
  7. Trio - Nadine, Jacques and Nicolas - "The sad display of temper I trust you will not mind; my cousin's almost gentle when he feels so inclined..."
  8. Air - Pomare - "I wander'd through the jungle, a-sighing for a mate, and I cried: Coo-ee, coo-ee! Will someone please have pity upon my lonely state..."
  9. Male Quartet and Solo - Jacques - "Bon soir, Madame la Lune, bon soir, bon soir, bon soir, bon soir, Madame la Lune..."
  10. Finale Act I - "The majesty of the law I uphold, uphold! ... Uphold! ... The public safety now insists, insists ... Insists! ... They both are daring Nihilists! ..."

ACT II - Gardens adjoining the Hotel.

  1. Fisherman's Song - "O-he! O-he, over the waters my bark is gliding ... O-he! O-he, la la la la la! ... O-he! O-he, swiftly its course to my love I'm guiding..."
  2. Entrance of Flower Girls - "Flowers so rare gather with care, fresh from the meadows and dew kiss'd bowers, rarest of bloom, sweetest perfume..."
  3. Entrance of the Rose Queen - "When the summer wind is gently blowing, with a crimson blush the rose is glowing; sunbeam comes a-wooing..."
  4. Quintette - Nichette and Boys - "A little maid the world to see ... with a tra-la-la-la tra-la! ... set out one day for Gay Paree ... with a tra-la-la-la tra-la! ..."
  5. Song - General - "A melancholy gentleman, desirous of a laugh, took in the funny pictures on the Cinematograph. His doctor recommended it..."
  6. Ensemble and Scene - "To the coffee color'd Prince we all salaam, lam, lam! For a lineal descendant he of Ham, ham, ham! To his wives..."
  7. Song - Chickoree and Chorus - "A tale of woe I'll now unfold, a tale of truth as I've been told, about a Bornese warrior who loved a maiden tender..."
  8. Hammock Song - Nadine and Jacques - "Sunset fading in the glorious West and twilight shadows falling; the nightingale now leaves his feathery nest..."
  9. Finale Act II - "For boys will be boys - the proverb has oft been told; and girls will be girls with a fondness for pearls, and an ear for the chink of gold..."