The Belle of Cairo

A musical in 2 acts: Lyrics and Music by F. Kinsey Peile; Libretto by Cecil Raleigh and F. Kinsey Peile

Avenue Theatre, London - March 2nd, 1895
Transferred to Royal Court Theatre - October 10th - December 19th, 1896 (71 perfs)


The lady of the title, Nephthys, is betrothed to Duval Bey, owner of a gambling casino but who was once a member of the civil service. However, she is following her real sweetheart, the gallant Sir Gilbert Fane of the 21st Cavalry, to the front in the war against the dervishes, disguised as a servant boy. Her pursuing relatives track her down but a simple change of clothing with the obliging Lady Molly Rosemere (who, with her family also appear tracking various partners through the desert battlefields) serves to confound the Egyptians and bring the plot to what is apparently a logical ending.

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