The Blue Moon

A Musical comedy in 2 acts by Harold Ellis. Music by Howard Talbot and Paul A. Rubens; Lyrics by Percy Greenbank and Paul A. Rubens. Revised version by Alexander M. Thompson.

Lyric Theatre, London - 28 August, 1905 - 14 February, 1906 (182 perfs)


The musical used the familiar storyline of an oriental singing girl and her Brtish Navy lover, and the escapades that surround them as they go on their path to wedded bliss,


"Blue Moon" is the title by which the young singer Chandral Nil is popularly known. She is generally assumed to be Burmese, but is in fact English, abducted from her mother Lady Augusta Brabasham, by a criminal deserter from the British army. He fled to avoid arrest for theft and took the young child with him. He is now calling himself Moolraj and plies a trade as an "idol maker, juggler and marriage broker."

Captain Jack Ormsby, a young officer whose regiment is stationed nearby, has fallen in love with Chandra Nil. Moolraj has other plans for her, having promised her as a wife to Prince Badahur of Kharikar.

The Prince, learning of Jack's love, gracefully withdraws and hands over his bride-to-be to the young captain. Subsidiary love interests are those of Private Charlie Taylor, who loves a lady's maid, Millicent Leroy, and the journalist Bobbie Scott and his admirer Evelyn Ormsby. Moolraj comes face to face with the Major, who was the victim of the robbery that caused Moolraj to flee England.

This unexpected meeting forces Moolraj to explain who Chandra Nil really is, and Jack is able to marry his singing girl without shocking his aristocratic relations.

Musical Numbers

ACT I - The Bungalow at Naga.

  1. Opening Chorus - "If not on labour over sweet, the lotos you would rather eat, you'd better come to Burmah..."
  2. Song - Bobbie & Chorus - "In our dear little national Isle, I fancy no custom more strange is..."
  3. Song - Major & Chorus - "A major I and a D.S.O. who has faced the foe as you doubtless know..."
  4. Duet - Charlie & Leroy - "As I gaze with admiration on your face and figure smart..."
  5. Trio - Major, Jack, & Bobbie - "A Major bold in me you see - In me you see a minor..."
  6. Chorus of Jugglers and Entrance of Chandra - very quiet, through dialogue
  7. Song - Chandra Nil & Chorus - "I'm a little maid, dark, demure and dreamy - Little Blue Moon..." - also very quiet
  8. Song - Charlie - "I've got a mother, a perfect dear; I love her more and more ev'ry year..."
  9. Song - Leroy & Chorus - "Little girl goes out all day on her little own..."
  10. Song - Evelyn - "I can't make out if you love me at all, do you like me just sometimes?..."
  11. Song - Jack & Chorus - "In this lazy land our distractions are few, but there comes a day..."
  12. Finale Act I, with Jack, Major & Chandra Nil - "The sun sinks down in the golden west..."

ACT II - The Ruby Palace of Kharikar.

  1. Introduction, Opening Chorus and Entrance of European Visitors - "Hushed and still the city lies..."
  2. Song - Major - "Throughout the world I've been and seen girls of each sort and kind..."
  3. Song - Leroy - "Rosie was at school with me sev'ral years ago..." - six verses
  4. Song - Charlie & Chorus - "Now children all, both large and small, when walking by the Hongly..."
  5. Entrance of Chandra - "Fairest of all the fair ever seen..."
  6. Song - Chandra - "A poplar tree in a forest stood, her head the highest in the wood..."
  7. Song - Bobbie & Chorus - "The tourist finds all sorts and kinds of vehicles to ride in..."
  8. Duet - Charlie & Leroy - "Of all the entertainments that now are quite the rage..."
  9. Bridal Chorus - "Over away where the lordly mountains rise..."
  10. Finale Act II - "Oh, be careful of the crocodile, mind the crocodile don't eat you..."

Additional numbers.

  1. Duet - Chandra & Jack - "Out of the radiant East, fresh as the dawn and fair..."
  2. Song - Major & Chorus - "Though I'm a gallant Major, I'm not like all the rest..." - four verses
  3. Song - Bobbie & Chorus - "Attracted I was by a maiden I met in London Town..." - three verses