The Blue Paradise

A Musical Play in a Prologue and 2 Acts. (American) Book by Edgar Smith. Based on the Viennese original ("Ein Tag im Paradies") by Leo Stein and Bela Jenbach.

Music by Edmund Eysler. Additional numbers by Sigmund Romberg. Lyrics by Herbert Reynolds.

Casino Theatre, New York - Opened 5th August, 1915, transferred 29th May, 1916 to the 44th Street Theatre: closed 10th June, 1916 (356 perfs).


Rudolph, a frequent customer at the Blue Paradise Inn in Vienna, is in love with Mizzi, a flower girl.

He travels to America to operate one of his father's businesses. During the ensuing 24 years, Mizzi marries one of Rudolph's friends, and the couple has converted the inn into their private residence.

After this period, when Rudolph returns to Vienna, and not knowing what has happened, he hopes to find Mizzi at the inn, to rekindle their love just as it had been so long ago, and to return to pre-war days.

When he arrives at the inn, he sees that it looks just as he remembered it. He imagines that he has travelled back in time and embraces a woman who looks as Mizzi did in their youth. She turns out to be Mizzi's daughter, Gaby.

Mizzi admits that she has arranged matters in this fashion so that Rudolph will accept reality; the past is the past. Gaby is engaged to Rudolph's nephew, Hans, and despite his sense of loss, Rudolph's is pleased for his nephew; the new generation will consummate the lost love of Rudolph's youth.

CAST (in order of appearance):

    • Mizzi, flower girl at the Blue Paradise Inn
    • An Officer
    • The Meister
    • A Lady, guest at the Blue Paradise Inn
    • A Diner, guest at the Blue Paradise Inn
    • Franz, a waiter
    • Josef Stransky
    • Hans Walther
    • Justus Hampel
    • Rudolph Stoeger
    • A Tourist
    • Head Waiter
    • Head Porter:
    • Second Porter
    • Hazel James:
    • Gaby:
    • Rudolph Oberdorher [Rudy]
    • Director of Hotel
    • Second Tourist
    • Third Tourist
    • Mrs. Gladys Wynne
    • Page Boy
    • Vera, an actress from the Hoff Theatre
    • Baron von Schlegan
    • Chef
    • Baroness von Schlegan
    • Countess von Schwartzkoff
    • Countess von Houssnan
    • Baroness von Hahn
    • Waitress

Chaperones; Flower Girls, Fruit Vendors, Cabaret Dancers, Students, Officers and Guests in the Blue Paradise Garden, Porters, Bell Boys, Maids, Guests and Tourists in the Ring Hotel.

Scenes and Settings

The action is set in Vienna.

Musical Numbers

  1. A Toast to Women's Eyes (Opening Ensemble) (Music by Sigmund Romberg.) -  Ensemble
  2. Here's to You, My Sparkling Wine (Drinking Song) (Music by Leo Edwards. Lyrics by Blanche Merrill.) - Rudolph, Hans Walther, Justus Hempel, Josef Stransky
  3. To Paradise We'll Gaily Trip (Music by Edmund Eyssler.) - Rudolph, assisted by Hans Walther, Justus Hempel, Josef Stransky, Chorus
  4. Auf Wiedersehn (Music by Sigmund Romberg.) - Rudolph, Mizzi
  5. We Wish You a Pleasant Journey (Opening Chorus) (Music by Sigmund Romberg.) Tourists, Guests, Attaches
  6. Duet and Dance - Rudy, Mizzi
  7. There's Only One Who Rules My House - Justus Hempel, Mizzi, Rudy
  8. Vienna, Vienna (Music by Edmund Eysler.) - Rudolph, assisted by Hans Walther, Rudy, Justus Hempel
  9. I'm from Chicago (Music by Sigmund Romberg.) - Gladys Wynne, Chaperones
  10. If Central Should Talk in Her Sleep - Rudolph
  11. Just Win a Pretty Widow (Music by Edmund Eysler.) - Rudolph, Gladys Wynne, Ensemble
  12. One Step into Love (Music by Sigmund Romberg.) - Gladys Wynne, Hans Walther
  13. Vienna, How D'ye Do (Music by Edmund Eysler.) -  (Tutti Ensemble), Rudolph, Company
  14. Why Are We Invited Here? (Music by Sigmund Romberg.) (Opening Chorus to Act III) – Ensemble
  15. Old Blue Paradise - Ensemble
  16. I Had a Dog (Comedy Song) (Music by Leo Edwards.) - Rudy, Justus Hempel
  17. Folk Song and Yodel (Music by Leo Edwards.) - Gladys Wynne
  18. Waltz of the Season (Classic Dance) (Music by Edmund Eysler.) - Rudy, Vera
  19. My Model Girl (Music by Sigmund Romberg. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge.) - HazelHans Walther
  20. (The Tune) They Croon in the U.S.A. (Music and Lyrics by Cecil Lean.) - Rudolph, Dancers
  21. I'm Dreaming of a Wonderful Night (Music by Edmund Eysler.) - Rudolph, Gladys Wynne
  22. Auf Wiedersehn (Reminiscence) (Music by Sigmund Romberg.) - Rudolph, Mizzi
  23. Finale – Company