a musical in two acts by Julian More. Lyrics by Julian More and Bernard Spiro. Music by Al Frisch.

Queen's Theatre, 18 April - 24 May, 1974 (41 perfs)


Bordello is set in a brothel. The year is 1899,

The show is a series of more or less erotic sketches strung on to a freely reinterpreted life of the French artist Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.

The establishment's Madame and nine of her inmates watch as a new recruit wanders in under the impression that the place is a hotel. There follows a play-within-a-play as 'Madame Blanche's Fantasy Theatre' act out the Lautrec scenas which comprise the show's second half.

The sole male member of the cast is Lautrec.

Musical Numbers

Music by Al Frisch; book by Julian More; lyrics by Julian More and
Bernard Spiro. . PC: Henry Woolf, Stella Moray, Angela Easterling. MN:

  1. A Place Like This
  2. Bordello
  3. Yourself
  4. A Country Bride
  5. Apache Dance
  6. Morality
  7. Business Tango
  8. Simple Pleasures
  9. Art Should Be Art / Can-Can
  10. Family Life
  11. If You Should Leave Me
  12. Madame Misia
  13. All the Time in the World
  14. I Love Me
  15. The Girl in Cabin 54
  16. The Way I See It
  17. Belly Dance
  18. Hallucination
  19. What Does It Take?


Original London Production - first performance at the Queen's Theatre, Thursday 18th April 1974.

"A cast recording has has been pressed and distributed in a limited, non-commerical basis - 1000 copies only, and the producers do not intend to realize a profit".