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Musical Play by Peter Quilter. Music & Lyrics: Steve Levine, Aron Friedman, Nicky Graham, Nick Hopkins,
Tina Mattews, Lee Mac: Book: Peter Quilter

Gielgud Theatre, London : Premiere: 8 June 1999


BoyBand is a topical, light-hearted pop musical that charts the turbulent rise to fame of a fictitious band — Freedom. During a live performane at Wembley, when the band's future looks bleak in the midst of rising reports of drugs, drink and public brawls, five young stars take us back to the beginning to reveal the gritty truth behind the music business. Manufactured by the corrupt Wayland, they have little independence and must retain a wholeome image for their teenage fans who buy their albums and make their manager money. However, what starts out as fun — female adoration, photo shoots, stays in hotels — quickly becomes tiresome and tensions arise between Freedom's lead singer, Sean, and their singer/songwriter, Danny. As the band begins to self-destruct, Wayland discovers that one member is gay, another has a child and another a drug habit. Only fast thinking can keep the band together.

Backing Music

The original West End producers are able to lease out the backing music for all the songs.

Song Selections

The songs detailed within the text are those that were used in the original West End production of the show. However it is also permitted to select your own choice of song material and find/create your own backing music or band scores. Note that any pre-existing song material has to receive copyright clearance from PRS (or other national organisations representing music copyright) before it can be used.
Script on sale. ISBN 0-573-01955-X

Musical Numbers

  1. We Got It All
  2. My – T – Love
  3. How Will I Know
  4. Better Be Good
  5. What Good Is a Heart
  6. Driving Me Crazy
  7. Have Fun Go Mad
  8. Gentle Love
  9. All This and Heaven Too
  10. Every Day Hurts
  11. Gotta Get You Home Tonight
  12. If I Had You