A Sparkling Musical Entertainment (a Musical Comedy) in 2 Acts. Written by Jingo. Some songs by James O'Dea and Bob Adams, (some by me and some by him)

58th Street Theatre, New York - 16th - 21st March, 1903 (8 perfs)
58th Street Theatre, New York - 21st - 26th March, 1904 (10 perf s)


  • Izzy Mark, yet easier
  • Gee Whiz, blew in from Yorkville
  • Yube Quick, fast and slow
  • Jim Crow, hard to take
  • Hooley Hapigan, always happy
  • Willie Cheat
  • Harry Smart, a wise guy
  • Will Walk, all the time
  • Seld M. Seels, a drummer
  • Sil E. Kid, a foolish man
  • Jim Pansy
  • Knight Stick, a club man
  • Charles River, a salesman
  • Little Jack Homer
  • Billie Bench, take a seat
  • Sammy Simmer, growing dimmer
  • Eddie Fication
  • Rob Burr, takes well
  • Dan Yube, very deep
  • Y. Knott, he doesn't know
  • Billy Fine, a fact
  • Miss Yoosed and misplaced
  • Daisy Dell, a real daisy
  • May Bell, just like May
  • Dolly Varden, a Lulu
  • Allie Way, her own way
  • Laide Ray, full of hope
  • Lottie Lee, doesn't know Fitzhugh
  • Mae Noe, and may not
  • Ophelia Pulse, go ahead
  • Madge Enary, can't help it
  • Cloe Zinn, it's getting late
  • Minnie Fish, what kind
  • Helen Dutch, what is it in English?
  • Annie How, and finally
  • Celia Lipp, talk is cheap
  • Delia Hand, a good card
  • Ray Ning, Mackintosh's sister
  • Sara Cuse, from New York
  • Carrie All, no trouble

Scenes and settings

Musical Numbers

  1. "Mr. Dooley" (from The Defender) (Music by Jean Schwartz. Lyrics by William Jerome.) - Izzy Mark
  2. "Lovely Day for a Walk" - Izzy Mark, Willie Cheat, Gee Whiz, Helen, Minnie, Celia
  3. "Sallie Mine"- Yube, Daisy, assisted by "tough" chorus
  4. "On Daddy's Back" - Daisy
  5. "Daffy Down Dilly" - Daisy
  6. "The Bell Boy" - Yube, Company
  7. "At Night" (Music and Lyrics by Luce Pagani.)

Act 1 (Return engagement)

  1. "Back to Work" (Opening Chorus) Shop Girls, Company
  2. "I Want to Go Back to London" - Harry. Company
  3. "Pettie Mignon" - Mamselle Paree, Company
  4. "Busy Izzy Oo" - Izzy Mark, Company
  5. "I Never Had Such a Time" - Gee Whiz, Company
  6. "Tommy and Me" - Daisy, Yube, assisted by the Company
  7. "Something Nice and Foolish" - Izzy, Mamselle Paree
  8. "My Dixie Anna" - Daisy, Entire Company

Act 2

  1. "On a Summer's Night" - Daisy, Hotel Guests
  2. "Beautiful Dream, Come True" - Hooley
  3. "Hiawatha in Fun" - Izzy Mark, Company
  4. "The Absurd Four" - Izzy Mark, Hooley, Harry, Seld
  5. "Can We Stroll with You" (Sextette) - Daisy, May, Dolly; Izzy, Gee Whiz, Archie
  6. "The Bell Boy" - Yube, Company
  7. "A Minstrel Take Off" - Izzy Mark; Mamselle Paree, Gee Whiz
  8. Finale - Entire Company