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1944 Cast Recording CoverBabes in Toyland

A Musical Extravaganza in a Prologue and 3 Acts, 11 Scenes. Libretto (book, lyrics) by Glen MacDonough. Music by Victor Herbert.

Majestic Theatre, New YOrk : Opened 13th October, 1903; closed 19th March, 1904 (192 perfs)


The basic story is about orphans Alan and Jane, the wards of their wicked Uncle Barnaby, who wants to steal their fortune. He arranges for them to be shipwrecked and lost at sea, but somehow they are rescued by gypsies and returned to Contrary Mary's garden. Contrary Mary, believing her beloved Alan is dead, has run away with her brother, Tom-Tom the Piper's son, rather than agree to marry Barnaby.

After a second attempt on their lives in the Spider's Den, Alan and Jane are protected by the Moth Queen.

In Toyland, Contrary Mary, Tom-Tom, Alan and Jane find each other and seek protection from the Master Toymaker, an evil genius who plots with Barnaby to create toys that kill and maim. The demonic possessed dolls kill the Toymaker and Barnaby uses the information to have Alan sentenced to death. Contrary Mary agrees to marry him in exchange for Alan's pardon, but Barnaby marries her, denounces Alan again, and dies, after drinking a wine glass filled with poison meant for Alan.

Tom-Tom reveals that an old law of Toyland permitting marriage between a widow and a condemned man on condition that he supports her and honestly works may save Alan from the gallows and he marries the Widow Barnaby.

Musical Numbers

  1. Don't Cry, Bo-Peep (Never Mind, Bo-Peep, We Will Find Your Sheep) - Bo-Peep, Tom Tom, Widow Piper's Children
  2. Floretta - Alan, Chorus
  3. Mary Mary (Entrance of Contrary Mary) - Chorus
  4. Barney O'Flynn - Contrary Mary, Chorus
  5. I Can't Do the Sum - Jane, Widow Piper's Children
  6. Slumber Deep - The Spirit of Oak, Wood Spirits
  7. Christmas Fair Waltz - Chorus
  8. (Our Castle in Spain) The Legend of the Castle - Dutch Doll, Chorus
    Sheet Music to "I Can't Do the Sums"
  9. Rock-a-bye Baby - Alan, Chorus
  10. Toy Soldiers' March and Military Ball - Alan, Jane, Full Chorus
  11. The Toymakers (Shop) - Male Chorus
  12. Toyland - Tom Tom, Male Chorus
  13. My Rag Doll Girl (The Rag Doll)- Grumio, Jill
  14. An Old-Fashioned Rose - Tom Tom
  15. Before and After - Alan, Contrary Mary
  16. Jane - Jane, Grumio, Chorus *
  17. Maybe the Moon Will Help You Out - Bo-Peep
  18. Finale - Ensemble

* Replaced with "He Won't Be Happy Till He Gets It"

CAST (in order of appearance):

Dandies, Flower Girls, French Dolls, Punches, Dutch Dolls, Toy Soldiers, Trumpeters, Drummers, Widows,

Scenes and Settings


Act 1

Act 2

Act 3: