The Balkan Princess

A musical play in 3 acts by Frederick Lonsdale and Frank Curzon. Lyrics by Paul Rubens and Arthur Wimperis. Music by Paul Rubens.

Prince of Wales Theatre, London : opened 19th February, 1910; closed 19th August, 1910 (176 performances )
Herald Square Theatre, New York : Opened 9th February, 191; transferred to the Casino Theatre 27th February, 1911; closed 13th May, 1911 ( 108 performances)


Princess Stephanie of Balaria sits upon a slightly shaky Balkan throne. To secure the succession, Parliament demands that she should marry, and presents her with the choice of the six wealthiest lords in the land.

Five rush to be considered but the sixth, the Grand Duke Sergius, refuses. He has an hereditary objection to the ruling family and writes antagonistic articles for the newspapers about the present Princess. But Stephanie refuses the five suitors and decides to go out into the world for the week remaining before her decision, to try to find out what love is.

She finds out in the 'Bohemian Restaurant' where she meets Sergius. Unaware of each other's identity, they fall in love. But disaster strikes when Sergius gives a toast, 'Down with the Princess Stephanie'.

Royalty displaces womanhood, and Stephanie commands that the traitor be arrested. Sergius is taken to the palace but before the piece has ended he has exchanged his prison chains for those of wedlock. For Stephanie abdicates rather than marry any of the remaining five lords and Sergius, recognising her greatness of spirit, abandons his feud, tears up the abdication document, and takes his place at her side.

Musical Numbers


  1. Opening Chorus of Debutantes and Soldiers - Here in stately queue, close we press...
  2. Song - Olga and Chorus - Now the Court is over and our work is done...
  3. Prince's Chorus - Way for the Prince, make way, make way!
  4. Duet - Max Hein and Blatz - It is sometimes shown that money alone...
  5. Song - Princess and Chorus of Dukes - Gentlemen, I thank you for the honour you are doing me!
  6. Song - Magda - When I first made up my mind into service I would go...
  7. Finale Act I - Understand that from today I will not be dictated to...
  8. Act II Introduction
  9. Song - Sofia and Chorus - In a Balkan village lived a Montenegrin maid...
  10. Entrance of Grand Duke
  11. Song - Grand Duke and Chorus - Women are really most beautiful things... (three verses)
  12. Duet - Princess and Grand Duke - We've had a very pleasant chat...
  13. Duet - Magda and Blatz - Now you must confess I always, more or less...
  14. Song - Princess - Wicked old world, you've been slighted for years...
  15. Sextet - Henri, Hein, Blatz, Sofia, Magda, and Carmen - When you're feeling blue...
  16. Finale Act II
  17. Song - Princess - Last night a lovely dream I dreamed...
  18. Song - Grand Duke - There are some men born to be led... (three verses)
  19. Song - Henri and Chorus - People say that the world's all fat... (three verses)
  20. Finale Act III (identical to No. 16 - Finale Act II)


  21. Additional Song - Princess - I have rank, I have treasure, I've a court of my own...

Scenes and Settings


Musical Numbers

(American programme)



  1. - Stealing - Max Hein
  2. Opening Chorus
  3. Holidays (Song) - Olga, Chorus
  4. I Char (Song) - Magda, Charwomen
  5. I Like You All (Song) - Princess Stephanie, Chorus of Dukes
  6. Finale - Ensemble

Act 1

  1. Introduction - Chorus
  2. Love and Laughter (Song) - Sofia, Chorus
  3. Entrance of Grand Duke (la, la, la, la)
  4. Dear Delightful Women (Song) - Sergius, Chorus
  5. Don't Let's Meet Again (Duet) - Princess Stephanie, Sergius
  6. Lady and Gentleman (Duet) - Magda, Blatz
  7. (A) Hard Life - Henri
  8. Wonderful World (Song) - Princess Stephanie
  9. The Opera Ball (Sextet) - Henri, Max Hein, Blatz, Sofia, Magda, Carmen Finale

Act 2

  1. Dreaming (Opening Number-Song) - Magda
  2. A Man's a Man (Song) - Sergius
  3. (When) The Sunshine of Springtime (Song) - Princess Stephanie
  4. Finale - Toute Ensemble