Advertising PlaybillBEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED

Original concept by Roger Cook & Les Reed.
Music and Lyrics by Les Reed and Roger Cook
Book by Kit Hesketh-Harvey
Additional Material by Laurence Myers

Lyric Theatre, London - 10 May - 14 August, 2004

Bio-musical based on the life of F. Scott-Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda.

The story is told in flashback starting in 1938 with an institutionalised Zelda, afflicted by delusions. She is persuaded by a doctor to unlock the memories that are disturbing her.


The Paris night-clubbers sum up 24 year old Zelda and 28 year old Scott.

24 Year old Zelda's paintings are being exhibited at the Columbe d'Or Hotel in St. Paul de Vence on the French Riviera. Zelda decides to also "exhibit" her dancing capabilities to the guests.

It’s a hot summer Saturday night dance in Montgomery, Alabama. The local hicks and Yankee soldiers all want to dance with 18 year old Montgomery Belle, Zelda Sayre. Moreover, they all want to take her home into the bargain. Who will strike lucky?

21 year old Lieutenant F. Scott Fitzgerald meets 18 year old Zelda Sayre. Scott steps outside the dance hall to take a breath of fresh air. A magnolia tree is in full blossom. He plucks a blossom from the tree.

On the front porch of their home in Sayre St. Montgomery, Alabama, 18 year old Zelda Sayre is being berated by her mother and sister Rosalind for her ‘wayward’ attitude. Zelda sings:-Cos I simply refuse to be a girl.

It's 1918 in Deep South, Alabama. Judge Sayre of Montgomery realises he is about to lose his 18 year old daughter Zelda to 21 year old ‘Yankee’ northerner, Lieutenant F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In ‘Buddy’s Bar’ New York in 1921, 22 year old F. Scott Fitzgerald and his contemporaries don’t give a damn about tomorrow, all that matters is what happens today. They sing:- Tomorrow won’t happen till tomorrow

It’s 1921 in New York. 25 year old author-to-be F. Scott Fitzgerald is struggling to earn a crust writing jingles for an ad agency. The problem is his tunes are always the same. It’s only the words that are different.

22 year old Scott is in New York. 19 year old Zelda is in Montgomery, Alabama. They keep in touch by writing constant streams of letters to one another.

It’s the wedding night of Zelda (20) and Scott (24) at The Biltmore Hotel, New York on Saturday April 3 1920. The party is slowing down. Zelda decides to liven things up. She goes downstairs to the kitchen in search of the latest cocktail, a ‘Pink Lady.’

ZELDA is in the asylum suffering from a breakdown and sings. "On my own again,"

Lois is engulfed in Hollywood glory. But it is gaudy, tawdry and mocking, both of Scott’s endeavours as a writer, and Zelda’s as a ballerina.

It’s 1924. All is going well in 28 year old Scott’s life. He is contemplating the title of a new novel based on his and Zelda’s life. Tender Is The Night will take him 6 years to complete.

24 year old Zelda, 28 year old Scott and 3 year old daughter Scottie are leaving New York for France.

The Colombe d’Or restaurant, Saint Paul de Vence, has been hung with an exhibition of Zelda’s pictures. A party is being given for a private viewing. The Paris café crowd is there in abundance - Pablo Picasso, Cole Porter, Ernest Hemingway to name just a few. Zelda and Scott sing:- "There isn’t anybody here [that] Hasn’t got a reputation.

It’s 1924. 24 year old Zelda, 28 year old Scott and their contemporaries are enjoying themselves on the French Rivera.

It is New Year’s Eve, 1930. In Europe, the Ex-Pats party on Le Cabuchon, a night-club in the Seizieme, trying to ignore the disastrous economic conditions back home. “Les Girls” (The Trouble Girls) are doing a big production-number, led by Madame Egorova.

32 year old Zelda is unwell in a psychiatric hospital. For therapy, her physician suggests she writes everything about her life down on paper. She feels it would make a good novel. She decides to call it Save Me The Waltz. It takes her six weeks to complete.

Zelda, mother Minnie, daughter Scottie, sister Rosalind and Lois Graham sing their personal experiences of being a woman and reminisce on their experiences with Scott.

43 year old Scott visits the hospital where 39 year old Zelda is resident. They walk into the gardens and sing of their enduring love for one another.

Original Cast:

Scott - Micahel Praed
Zelda - Helen Anker
His Honour/Hemmingway - David Burt
Minnie - Susannah Fellows
Marsha/Mme Egorova - Valerie
Lois - Heather Douglas
Young Zelda/Scottie - Katie Foster-Barnes
Dexter - Loren Geeting
Rosalind/Hell Let Loose - Jo Gibb
Eduouard Jozan - Jolyon James
Nanny - Jane Lucas
Maxwell/Dr. Meyer - Stuart Nurse

Musical Numbers

    1. I'm Dancing (Zelda, Young Zelda)
    2. No Can Figure (Zelda and Suitors)
    3. Beautiful Magnolia (Scott)
    4. Refuse to be a Girl (Zelda, Minnie, Rosalind)
    5. Little Miz Alabama (His Honour and Scott)
    6. Tomorrow Won't Happen (Customers, Barmaids and Casey's Grill Girls)
    7. The Letters (Scott and Zelda)
    8. The Letters (Reprise) (Scott)
    9. Beautful Magnolia (Reprise) (Scott)
    10. Beautiful and Damned (The Company)
    11. Finale: Act I - (Scott)
    12. On the Riviera (The Company)
    13. Living Well's the Only Way (The Company)
    14. The Old World Shines Again (Mme Egorova and Company)
    15. The Old World Shines Again (Reprise) (Edouard)
    16. Trouble (Mme Egorova and Girls of Le Cabuchon)
    17. Cocaine Tap (The Company)
    18. Dream Ballet (Zelda)
    19. Golden Days (Zelda)
    20. The Queen of Babylon (Lois)
    21. Tender is the Night (Scott)
    22. Save Me the Waltz (Scott and Zelda)
    23. Bring a Woman (Minnie, Lois, Rosalind, Scottie)
    24. Even Now (Scott and Zelda)


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