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Cover to Vocal Gems from the Show

A musical comedy in 2 acts, 6 scenes; Book and lyrics by Hugh Morton: Music by Gustave Kerker

First produced at the Casino Theatre, New York 28 September, 1897 (56 perfs)
Reopened 20 December for a further 8 performances.
Produced at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London 12 April, 1898 (697 perfs)

To learn more of the genesis of the show, and to see pictures of the year 1897, click here www.thebelleofnewyork.com


Violet Gray is a Salvation Army girl who becomes an heir to a fortune belonging to Ichabod Bronson. She has been chosen as the recipient of this windfall because Ichabod, although not averse to dallying with the odd chorus girl himself, is a firm believer in organisations such as the Young Men's Rescue League and the Anti-Cigarette Society. He has found out that his playboy son, Harry, intends to marry actress Cora Angelique. Violet, for her part, is intent on Harry getting the inheritance - and her as well! Her saucy performance of the "At Ze Naughty Folies Bergère"does the trick - Ichabod cannot possibly leave his fortune to someone who behaves like that, and Harry's name goes back in the will. Harry finally sees the error of his ways and falls in love with sweet, simple Violet.

Cast and performers

as presented by the George Lederer Casino Theatre Company, New York.

(Cora's Bridesmaids)


Ichabod Bronson, President of the Young Men's Rescue League and Anti Cigarette Society of Cohoes
Harry Bronson, his son
Karl von Pumpernick, a polite lunatic
Doc Snifkins
Cora Angélique, the Queen of Comic Opera, his daughter
Blinky Bill McGuire, a mixed ale pugelist
Mamie Clancy, his girl
Kenneth Mugg, low comedian of the Cora Angélique Opera Company
Count Ratsi and Patsi Rattatoo, the Portuguese Twins
Mr Twiddles, Harry's Private Secretary
Violet Gray, A Salvation Army Girl
Fifi Fricot, a little Parisienne
Kissy Fitzgarter, a music-hall dancer
Pansy Pinns, a soubrette
Billy, Breeze, Mr Snooper, Mr Peeper, William, Fricot, etc.

The original New York libretto underwent considerable changes during its Broadway run and there have been many changes subsequently at each revival of the show, with songs dropped, other songs interpolated, dropped songs reinstated, scenes changed, etc. The film version in 1952 with Fred Astaire and Vera Ellen replaced the original songs with a score by Johnny Mercer and Harry Warren.


They All Follow Me (Violet & Salvation Army Girls)
When We Are Married
Teach Me How To Kiss, Dear (Harry)
The Purity Brigade (Violet and girls)
La Belle Parisienne (Harry and Fifi)
My Little Baby (Ichabod)
On the Beach at Narragansett (Ichabod, Bill, Mamie and company)
She is the Belle of New York (Harry)
At Ze Naughty Folies Bergère (Violet)
I Do, So There (Violet)
Googan's Fancy Ball (Company)

Musical Numbers:

New York Presentation.


  1. OPENING CHORUS ... "When a Man is Twenty-one"
  2. SONG & CHORUS ... "When I was born, the stars stood still" - Cora & Chorus
  3. SONG & DANCE ... "Little Sister Kissie" - Muggs, Kissie & Bill
  4. SONG ... "Oh, Teach me how to kiss" - Fifi
  5. MARCH & CHORUS ... "We come this way" - League and Others
  6. SONG ... "The Anti-Cigarette Society" - Ichabod
  7. SONG & CHORUS ... "Wine, Woman and Song" - Harry & Chorus
  8. SONG ... "La Belle Parisienne" - Fifi and Bridesmaids
  9. SONG ... "My little Baby" - Ichabod
  10. CHORUS ... "Pretty little China Girl" - Chorus
  11. SONG ... "They all follow me" - Violet
  12. SONG & CHORUS ... "We'll stand and Die together" - Soloist & Chorus
  13. SONG ... "She is the Belle of New York" - Blinky Bill
  14. FINALE—ACT I. ... Your Life, my little Girl" - Ensemble



  1. OPENING CHORUS ... "Oh! Sonny"
  2. DUET ... "When we are Married" - Fifi and Harry
  4. SONG & CHORUS ... "The Purity Brigade" - Violet and Chorus
  5. SONG & CHORUS ... "I do, so there!" - Violet
  6. SONG ... "Googan's Fancy Ball" - Blinky Bill
  7. SONG ... "On the beach at Narragansett" - Ichabod and Others
  8. CHORUS ... "For the twentieth time we'll drink" - Chorus
  9. SONG "At ze naughty Folies Bergere" - Violet
  10. FINALE ... "For in the Field" - Company

Supplementary Numbers