The Beloved Vagabond Sheet Music Cover

A Musical Play in Three Acts: Founded on the novel by W.J. Locke.
Book and lyrics by Adrian Ross: Music by Dudley Glass
New Theatre, London - 24 October 1927 (107 perfs)


This adaptation of the long novel by W.J. Locke follows the fortunes of Paragot and his love for an English lady, Joanna Rushworth. Joanna is married to the Comte de Vernet and with him often frequents the bohemian world of Parisian café society. It is in this society that she and Paragot first met but when she is widowed, she longs for a move into polite society. Paragot tries but cannot face this society and what is more, is unable to return the the bohemian world he has left as enthusiasm for this lifestyle has waned. He finally settles down, without Joanna on a little farm in Normandy with his new love, Blanquette.

Musical Numbers:

Act I

A Wedding Day In Normandy - Bringuet and Marie
Tomorrow - Blanquette and chorus
The Vagabond Way - Paragot
The Sunny Land of France - Paragot, Asticot, Blanquette
The Lonely Princess - Joanna
Have the Band In - Chorus and dance
You Again - Joanna and Paragot

Act II

Lullaby Song - Blanquette and Paragot
A Joyous Band of Brothers - Chorus of Art Students
We Are the Charming Creatures - Chorus of Models
The Faithful Pig - Paragot and chorus
A Chair On the Boulevard - Asticot and Fanchette
Bohème - Joanna, Paragot, Asticot, Cazalet and Bonnet
Tomorrow - Blanquette


Apples - Blanquette, Asticot and Chorus
The Old Love - Joanna
Wishing Well - Joanna, Blanquette and Chorus
Wine Of Life - Paragot and Chorus

Cast - in order of appearance:

Marie - Dubois' daughter
Bringuet - the Bridegroom
Madame Leblanc - Landlady of the Auberge du Soleil
Dubois - A Farmer
Madame Dubois
Blanquette de Veau
Comte de Vernet
Major Denis Walters
Victorine - A Maid at the Auberge du Soleil
Louise - A Maid at the Auberge du Soleil
Paragot - The Beloved Vagabond
Joanna Rushworth - Comtesse de Vernet
Bonnet - A Poet
Cazalet - An Artist
Fanchette - An Artist's model
Mrs Rushworth - Joanna's Mother
Lady Molyneux
Miss ffolliott ffrench
Hon Montague Melli

Chorus of Normandy Peasants, Farmers, Art Students, Models, Ladies and Gentlemen of Melford

Synopsis of Scenes:

Act 1:

(Evening) Garden of the Auberge du Soleil, Normandy

Act 2:

(Scene 1) (Night - two years later) Paragot's Rooms in Paris
(Scene 2) (Afternoon - a month later) Mrs Rushworth's Drawing Room, Melford

Act 3:

(Afternoon - a month later) Garden and Orchard of Dubois' Farm, Normandy.