Cover of original vocal score


A musical play in 3 acts by Frederick Lonsdale & Gladys Unger
Lyrics by Adrian Ross & Paul A Rubens
Music by Paul A Rubens
Additional numbers by Ernest Steffan and Merlin Morgan

Daly's Theatre 24 April, 1915 (391 perfs)
Globe Theatre, New York - 2 October, 1916 (63 perfs)

The Story:

The Duke of Crowborough arrives at the home of his somewhat profligate son demanding of him that he ceases his philandering and settle down with a wife and take on some responsibility. Gerard, drunk and affronted in front of his friends responds to his father's scathing criticism by proposing to Betty, the kitchen maid. They two are wed and Gerard, believing himself now to be free of his father's threats arranges to send Betty away so that he might continue with the lifestyle which he has, up till now, been enjoying. The Duke however, is not so easily deceived. He arranges that the whole of Gerard's allowance shall be payable to his wife so that Gerard is dependent upon her. Slowly, Betty, who has already charmed her way into being accepted by the society into which she has wed, wins the heart of her husband and all ends well.

Musical Numbers:

Act I

High Life - Opening Chorus
The Duchess of Dreams - Betty and Alf
I Love the Girls - Gerard, Chicquette and Dolly
Jotte - Jotte with Alf
Cinderella - Betty

Act II

We've Got Some Work To Do - Madrigal
It's A Beautiful Day Today - Gerard
Opposite the Ducks - Jotte
That's Done - Gerard, David, Victor & Cedric
Can It Be Love? - Betty
Toddle Along - Estelle and Jotte
If It Was True - Betty and Gerard
We Ought To Combine - Lord Playne, Jotte and David


Come To Me - Jotte
The Right Side and the Wrong Side - Estelle and Jotte
Dance With Me - Betty and Gerard

Synopsis of Scenes

ACT 1 - Earl of Beverley's House in Regent's Park
ACT 2 - Gardens of the same - the next morning.
ACT 3 - Farnham Towers.


Gerard, the Earl of Beverley
The Duke of Crowborough (his father)
The Hon. Victor Halifax
Charles Otway
Achille Jotte (Court Dressmaker)
Lord Playne
Lady Playne
David Playne (Lord Playne's nephew)


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