Musical selections from  Betty in Mayfair.

Betty in Mayfair

A musical play in 3 acts adapted from his play The Lilies of the Field by J. Hastings Turner. Lyrics by Harry Graham. Music by H. Fraser-Simpson.

Adelphi Theatre, London 11 November, 1925. Transferred to Shaftesbury Theatre, London 3 April, 1926. (Total perfs 193)


Betty in Mayfair tells the story of the twin daughters of a country vicar whose aunt, arriving with only one present, declares that the present for the other shall be a season in London with her. But which is to have this wonderful prize?

It is decided that a stranger shall make the choice and he, love-struck, chooses Betty who appears before him dressed in a lavender Victorian gown.

But Betty is actually a very modern miss and, when she gets to town and finds the young man — who is important and wealthy — making proposals to her, she feels obliged to undo the deception. Her truthfulness pays, for her lover is even more enchanted by the modern Betty than by the demure, Victorian one, and all ends happily.

Musical Numbers:

In June - Betty
Dreamland Lover - Betty
Grandmama's Song - Betty
In Days of Old - Kitty and Bryan
I've Got a Secret - Kitty
The Countryside - Kitty and Bryan
I Love You - Kitty and Bryan
Dancing - Betty
Love - Betty and Barnaby

Cast: in order of appearance

Rev. John Hood
Mrs Rooke-Walter
Barnaby Haddon
Bryan Ropes
Hon. Monica Flane
Lady Rocker

plus Chorus