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A musical in 2 acts. Book, music & lyrics by Willy Russell

Lyric Theatre, London - April 11, 1983 - Transferred & still running Phoenix Theatre, London.
Music Box Theatre, New York - 25 April, 1993 (839 perfs)


Deserted by her husband, Mrs Johnstone already has five children and is expecting twins. She cleans house for childless Mrs Lyons who offers unofficially to adopt one of the babies. Mrs Johnstone reluctantly agrees; she knows that the child will be well brought up in a prosperous household. But, there is a prophesy that twins parted at birth will die when they discover the truth, and both mothers do their best to keep the twins, Mickey Johnstone and Edward Lyons, well separated.

The situation becomes harder for both women when Mickey and Edward meet while playing in the street and when an immediate bond is formed between the two. They become "blood brothers". Distraught Mrs Lyons eventually moves to the country.

Soon after, Mrs Johnstone is rehoused nearby and the boys meet again when they meet and fall in love with the same girl, Linda.

But as Edward goes on to higher education, Mickey must take a boring job. After marrying Linda he loses his job. He turns to crime but gets caught and sent to jail. On his release he becomes dependent on tranquillisers. Linda turns to Edward, now a councillor, for help. Edward gets Mickey a job - and a house. Then Mrs Lyons tells Mickey that Edward is having an affair with Linda and Mickey goes after Edward armed with a gun. He finds him at a meeting but cannot shoot him - until Mrs Johnstone bursts in and tells them the truth.

Mickey kills Edward and in turn is shot by the police.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Marilyn Monroe Mrs Johnstone & company
  2. My Child Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons
  3. Easy Terms Mrs Johnstone, Narrator and company
  4. Shoes Upon the Table - Narrator
  5. Long Sunday Afternoon - Mickey and Eddie
  6. My Friend - Mickey and Eddie
  7. Bright New Day - Mrs Johnstone and company
  8. That Guy - Mickey, Eddie and company
  9. Summer Sequence - Narrator
  10. I'm Not Saying a Word - Eddie and company
  11. Take a Letter Miss Jones - Mr Lyons, Miss Jones and company
  12. The Robbery - Narrator, Mickey and Sammy
  13. Light Romance - Mrs Johnstone, Narrator and Company
  14. Madman - Narrator
  15. Tell Me It's Not True - Mrs Johnstone and company


Piano/Keyboards; Keyboards; Drums; Bass Guitar; Guitars; Saxophones; Violin; Trumpet; Flugal Horn; Percussion


Original London Cast (Barbara Dickson)- Legacy LMCD-3007: Castle CLACD-270
1988 London Production (Kiki Dee)- First Night CAST-CD17
1995 London Production (Stephanie Lawrence) - First Night CAST-CD49
1995 Studio Production (Petula Clark) - First Night - 88561-1539

Blood Brothers - 1995 London Cast 1995 London Cast Recording - Click on picture to buy.