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Cover to studio cast recordingBLOSSOM TIME

A musical play in 3 acts adapted from the operetta Das Dreimäderlhaus by A.M. Wilner & Heinze Reichert, which in turn, was adapted from the novel Schwammerl by Dr. R.H. Bartsch.
Music by Franz Schubert arranged by Sigmund Romberg. Book and Lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly

Ambassador Theatre, New York - 29 September, 1921 (319 perfs)


Based on the life and music of Franz Schubert, Blossom Time is a tangled web of romantic intrigue in which Schubert loses his inspiration and his girl, Mitzi Krantz, after his best friend, Baron von Schober has serenaded her with Schubert's own songs. (The show was rewritten for UK audiences under the title Lilac Time.)

Musical Numbers

  1. Opening - Greta, Kupelweiser, Von Schwind, Vogel, Chorus
  2. Melody Triste - Bellabruna
  3. Three Little Maids - Mitzi, Fritzi, Kitzi, Chorus
  4. Serenade - Baron Franz Schober, Franz Schubert, Vogel, Kupelweiser, Von Schwind, Hansy
  5. My Springtime Thou Art - Baron Franz Schober, Franz Schubert, Vogel, Kupelweiser, Von Schwind, Girls
  6. Song of Love - Franz Schubert, Mitzi
  7. Finale Act 1 - Ensemble
  8. Moment Musicale - Franz Schubert, Hansy, Dancer
  9. Love Is a Riddle - Baron Franz Schober, Binder, Erkman, Mitzi, Fritzi, Kitzi, Girls
  10. Let Me Awake - Bellabruna, Baron Franz Schober
  11. Tell Me Daisy - Mitzi, Franz Schubert
  12. Only One Love Ever Fills the Heart - Mitzi, Baron Franz Schober
  13. Finale Act 2 - Mitzi, Franz Schubert, Baron Franz Schober
  14. Opening - Greta
  15. Keep It Dark - Bellabruna, Vogel, Von Schwind, Kupelweiser
  16. Lonely Hearts - Mitzi, Fritzi, Kitzi, Greta, Franz Schubert
  17. Finale Act 3 - Ensemble

Scenes and Settings

Original Cast

Ladies of the Ensemble: Norma Gould, Marie Gary, Juliet Strahl, Billy Williams, Dorothy Jackson, Mildred Soper, Bobbie McCrce, Florence Elmore, Lyola Whyte, Dorothy Newell, Claire Hooper, Edith Holloway.