From Plays Pictorial 1902Bluebell in Fairyland

a musical dream play in 2 acts by Seymour Hicks. Lyrics by Aubrey Hopwood and Charles H. Taylor. Music by Walter Slaughter.

Vaudeville Theatre, London - 18th December, 1901; closed 26th June, 1902. (300 performances)


The story tells of a little girl, Bluebell, who is transported into fairyland where she goes on a search for the Sleeping King to restore him to his throne, usurped by "The Reigning King".

Musical Numbers


  1. Opening and Carol - "Hour by hour the dying year tolls its solemn warning; hour by hour the new draws near..."
  2. Chorus of Flower Girls and Shoeblacks - "It's Christmas time, it's Christmas time, the best in all the year..."
  3. Song - Blue-Bell - "Night by night in dark December, while the wintry winds blow chill..."
  4. Trio - Will, Won't and Joplin - "Now, what you think that he meant when he said, 'Tut-tut!' ..."
  5. Duet - Blue-Bell and Dicky - "Suppose we try a music-hall, there's always lots of fun..."
  6. Quartette - Girls and Cats - "Two little cats on the cold, cold leads - miaou, miaou, miaou..."
  7. Vocal Gavotte - Blue-Bell - "Point your toe as you trip it lightly, raise your paw and smooth your fur..."
  8. Chorus of Fairies - "Blue-bell, 'tis you whom the fairies have bidden; seek out the cave where the king lies asleep..."
  9. Vocal Polka - "Brightly, brightly our party has now begun..."
  10. Song - Queen and Regent, with Chorus - "A sense of humour is a thing that isn't wanted in a king..."
  11. Duet - Blib and Blob - "That all that glitters is not gold, the copy-books instill..."
  12. Trio - Blue-Bell, Blib and Blob - "I'm old Mother Hubbard who went to the cupboard to fetch the poor dog a bone..."
  13. Finale Act I - "I'll ask the king if we may stay, I'm sure we shan't be turned away..."


  1. Opening
  2. Song - Water Lily and Chorus - "When the stars begin to twinkle in the silent summer skies..."
  3. Dance - Will o' the Wisp
  4. Dance - Autumn Leaves
  5. Chorus, with Dove, Sparrow, Fish, Beetle, Kite, Thrush, and Bull - "Who killed Cock Robin? ..."
  6. Entrance of Bluebell
  7. Chorus - "Peal, golden bells; let your music ring, from Fairyland's spells to waken a King..."
  8. Sabot Dance
  9. Yacht Dance


  • Dicky - (a Crossing Sweeper)
  • Mr Joplin - (a City Merchant)
  • Will, Wont - (Mr. Joplin's Footman)
  • Policeman I. C.
  • An Organ Grinder
  • Peter - the Cat
  • Slim - the Cat
  • Hearty - (Blue-Bell's Landlady)
  • Mab
  • Winnie
  • A Rich Lady
  • Meg
  • First Bootblack
  • Bluebell - (a Little London Flower Girl)

Dream Sequence

  • The Water Lily
  • The Spirit of the Cup
  • Will o'the Wisp
  • Yellow Dwarf
  • Chamberlain
  • Herald
  • The Fish
  • The Kite
  • The Thrush
  • The Beetle
  • Maids
  • Fairies
  • Rich Child
  • A Doll
  • The Black Rabbit . . .
  • Bess
  • Babs
  • Dolly
  • Annie
  • Dutch Sabot Girls
  • Sparrow