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Boogie Nights

Musical devised by Jon Conway.

Savoy Theatre, London - previewed 16th October, 1998; opened 20th October, 1998: closed 9th January, 1999


Do you remember where you were the night Elvis died? Well, tonight's the night. Boogie Nights-The Musical tells the hilarious and heart-warming story of Roddy, a Jack-the-lad, whose life of birds, booze and boogie is about to be turned upside down.

It's the night that the King, Elvis Presley, died and Roddy O'Neill is busy dreaming of life as a rock star! Debs, his girlfriend, has her own thoughts... basically that Roddy's a selfish, arrogant, horrible, unfeeling, rude, heartless pig! But the truth is that Roddy is in love with Debs, and Debs is in love with Roddy, but Debs knows that her Roddy has more than a roving eye! Through all their tears and laughter - can they both find what they are truly searching for?

Packed with all the greatest Disco classics Boogie Nights-The Musical will have the audience up on its feet doing The Bump and The Hustle, and funking along to the grooviest chart topping hits like 'You Sexy Thing',' Y.M.C.A.', 'I Will Survive', 'In The Navy', 'Can You Feel The Force', 'I Love To Love', 'Boogie Wonderland' and many many more!

Musical Numbers


  1. Ladies' Night / Car Wash / Dancing Queen (Recorded Track)
  2. Boogie Nights (Recorded Track )


  1. Celebration (Roddy and Company)
  2. Scene Change (lnstrumental)
  3. If You Leave Me Now (Instrumental)
  4. Scene Change (Instrumental)
  5. Blame It On The Boogie Medley (Company)
    7a Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel [Recorded Track )
  6. Lady Marmalade (Lorraine, Girls)
  7. You Sexy Thing (Spencer)
  8. Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Debs, Roddy, Trish, Terry)
    10a. Always On My Mind (Recorded Track)
  9. All Shook Up (Eamon, Roddy, Dean, Terry - Band Tacet)
  10. Scene Change (Instrumental)
  11. Yesterday Once More (Debs, Ensemble)
  12. Bye Bye Baby (Terry, Roddy)
  13. Medley (Shaft/ Kung Fu Fighting / Happy Days) (Company)
  14. Medley Playout (Instrumental)
  15. Pearl and Dean Theme (Recorded Track )
    17a Jaws Theme (Recorded Track)
  16. Sugar Baby Love (Terry, Boys)
  17. Sugar Baby Love Playoff (Instrumental)
  18. I Love You Just The Way You Are (Spencer - Band Tacet)
    20a Jammin' (Spencer -Band Tacet)
  19. Y.M.C. A. (Spencer, Roddy, Terry, Dean, Eamon)
  20. Scene Change (Instrumental)
  21. Don't Go Breaking /Yesterday Once More (Debs, Dean)
  22. Enough Is Enough (Debs, Lorraine)
  23. If You Leave Me Now (Roddy)
  24. Jailhouse Rock (Eamon)
  25. Funky Music No 1 (Play That Funky Music White Boy) (Roddy)
    27a A Little Bit More (Recorded Track )
  26. Last Dance / Reach Out (Lorraine, Debs)


  1. Entr' acte (lnstrumental)
  2. I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper (Trish, Ensemble)
  3. Disco Inferno (Trish, Dean, Terry, Ensemble)
  4. Grease Sting No 1 (Instrumental)
  5. Grease Sting No 2 (Roddy)
  6. Grease Sting No 3 (Instrumental)
  7. Dead Man /Street Life Sting (Lorraine)
  8. I Will Survive (Debs)
  9. Street Life - Reprise (Instrumental)
  10. Always On My Mind (Eamon)
  11. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Roddy, Eamon, Ensemble)
  12. Theme from "Our Tune" (Radio) (Recorded Track )
    40a Shaddup a Ya Face (Radio) (Recorded Track)
  13. If You Leave Me Now (Instrumental)
  14. If You Leave Me Now (All, Roddy)
  15. Celebrate Scene Change (Instrumental)
  16. Scene Change (Instrumental)
  17. Yesterday Once More - Underscore (Instrumental)
  18. Play That Funky Music - Reprise (Roddy, Ensemble)
  19. Boogie Wonderland (Company)
  20. Finale Megamix (Can You Feel The Force / Instant Replay /Ain't No Stopping Us Now / Disco Inferno / We Are Family) (Company)
  21. Finale Playout (Company)


The Guys

The Girls