Bran Pie

A Revue devised by André Charlot

Prince of Wales' Theatre, London - 28 August, 1919 (414 perfs)

The Cast included:

Jack Barker, Jack Hulbert, Beatrice Lillie, José de Moraes, Odette Myrtil, Rebla, Phyllis Titmuss, Jack Tully, The Two Bobs, Lee White

The Programme included:

  1. I Did Feel a Dreadfully Ass
  2. The Perfumes of Rosine
  3. Won't You Come Along, Mary?
  4. Piccadilly Jim
  5. In the Land of Yamo Yamo
  6. I'm Going to Settle Down Outside of London Town
  7. The Vamp
  8. Pennsylvani-ah
  9. Stein Song
  10. Kisses
  11. Mick Muldoon's Big Bassoon
  12. Sweet Emalina, My Gal
  13. When the Company's Gone
  14. Winter Times
  15. Come Along Mary

Musical Director: Philip Braham