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Cover to original cast recordingThe Buccaneer

A musical play in 2 acts by Sandy Wilson.

Produced at the New Watergate Theatre - 8 September, 1953 (season)
Lyric, Hammersmith - opened: 8 September, 1955; closed: 4 February, 1956. (170 perfs)


The Buccaneer, a traditional comic newspaper for boys, is up for sale by the late founder's wife, Mrs. Barraclough. She breaks the news to Mabel, her young secretary, that Mr. Maximus, the American publisher, has offered to buy it and change it into one of his horror magazines. Among The Buccaneer's regular features are the ongoing adventures of Captain Fairbrother written by the ageing Mr. Dunkin. All three are present when Mr. Maximus visits.

At a café Mabel asks her fiancé Peter, a private tutor, to help find an investor and luckily he knows just the person, the rich divorced mother of Montgomery Winterton, one of his more precocious pupils. He puts the idea to Montgomery who is well advanced for his age and Peter attempts to suppress him. Mrs. Winterton arrives slightly tipsy and is interested in helping, in order to get closer to Peter. Montgomery sees his role as running the comic and persuades his American friend Marilyn to help. She admits to her friends that she rather likes a certain type of boy.

The sales of The Buccaneer are increasing thanks to Montgomery's influence but Mabel is upset about the sway Mrs. Winterton has on Peter. Montgomery and Marilyn are also having relationship problems and she leaves him. Marilyn happens to be the daughter of Mr. Maximus and she admits to him that she has been helping with The Buccaneer and now wants to see it fail.

Peter's arrives to tell Mrs. Winterton that their relationship is over. Peter has returned to Mabel but the result is that Mrs. Winterton is no longer going to invest in the comic.

The arrival of Maximus and Marilyn to talk to her about business starts off another relationship, this time between Maximus and Mrs. Winterton while Mabel, Montgomery and Peter come to terms with losing the comic.

With The Buccaneer seemingly set to close, Mrs. Barraclough and Mr. Dunkin realise they were behind the times while Montgomery and Marilyn, back together again, accept that they are just good friends. However, Montgomery has already organised a rally of the nation's children in Trafalgar Square in support of The Buccaneer. Headed by Captain Fairbrother (Peter in disguise), the march proves to Maximus that this very British comic does indeed have a future, and the publication is saved.


Musical Numbers:

  1. Overture - Orchestra
  2. Good Clean Fun - Mrs Barraclough
  3. Captain Fairbrother - Mr Donkin
  4. It's Commercial - Walter Maximus
  5. Unromantic Us - Mabel Gray and Peter Curtis, followed by Nancy and Felicity
  6. The Facts Of Life - Montgomery Winterton
  7. You'll Find Out - Peter Curtis
  8. Something's Missing - Mrs Winterton
  9. For Adults Only - Montgomery Winterton and Marilyn Maximus
  10. Oh, What A Beautiful Brain - Marilyn Maximus
  11. Read All About It - The Children, Marilyn Maximus and Montgomery Winterton
  12. Just Another Man - Mabel Gray
  13. Just Another Girl - Montgomery Winterton
  14. In The Good Old U.S.A. - Walter Maximus and Marilyn Maximus
  15. Learn To Do One Thing Well - Mrs Winterton
  16. Why Did It Have To Be Spring - Mabel Gray, Montgomery Winterton and Peter Curtis
  17. Behind The Times - Mrs Barraclough and Mr Donkin
  18. Just Pals - Marilyn Maximus and Montgomery Winterton
  19. Finale: Just Pals - The Company


Original Lyric Hammersmith Cast

  • Member of Parliament/Policeman - Bernard Clifton/Anthony Viccars
  • Mabel Gray - Sally Bazely
  • Mrs Barraclough - Betty Warren
  • Mr Donkin - Eliot Makeham/Bernard Clifton
  • Walter Maximus - Ronald Radd
  • Peter Curtis - John Faassen
  • Montgomery Winterton - Kenneth Williams
  • Marilyn Maximus - Pamela Tearle
  • Mrs Winterton - Thelma Ruby
  • Nanny/1st Waitress - Billie Love
  • Felicity/2nd Waitress - Julia Smith
  • Caroline - Jill Downs
  • Laura - Sandra Marsh
  • Mark - Anthony Bryant
  • Jeremy - Geoffrey Underwood