Business as Usual

A revue devised by F.W. Mark (E.V. Lucas) and Albert de Courville. Music by Herman Darewski; Lyrics by F.W. Marks

London Hippodrome - 16 November, 1914 (295 perfs)

Cast included;

Vivian Foster, Morris Harvey, Henri Leoni, Violet Loraine, Unity More, Harry Tate, Ambrose Thorne

Programme included;

  1. Fortifying the Home
  2. We've Been Married Just One Year
  3. When We've Wound Up the Watch on the Rhine
  4. When the Angelus is Ringing
  5. The Red, White and Blue
  6. The Arms of the Army For Me
  7. Mary From Tipperary
  8. Are We Downhearted? No!
  9. The Goose-Step
  10. Three Cheers for Little Belgium
  11. Come On, You Boys of London Town
  12. The Parson at the Sewing Party