A Revue devised by Arthur Wimperis and Ronald Jeans. Music and Lyrics by Herman Darewski

Vaudeville Theatre, London - 20 December, 1918 (612 perfs)

The Cast included:

Margaret Bannerman, Nelson Keys, Gertrude Lawrence, Dan O'Neill, Caleb Porter, Heather Thatcher, Walter Williams

The Programme included:

  1. There Are So Many Girls
  2. If I Went Into Parliament
  3. Winnie, the Window Cleaner
  4. I've Been Waiting For Someone Like You
  5. I've Lost My Heart In Maoriland
  6. Red, White and Blue
  7. Miss Sunshine and Mr Rain
  8. Coupons for Kisses
  9. Everything Is Buzz-Buzz Now
  10. The Song of the Ha-hi-lo-da
  11. Reconstruction Scene
  12. K-K-K-Katy (O'Hara)
  13. Live and Let Live
  14. Priceless Percy with the one pip up
  15. Many Happy Returns of the Day

Musical Director: A.W. Legett