Captain Louie

clOne Act Musical: Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz; Book by Anthony Stein; Based on The Trip by Ezra Jack Keats

(York Theatre Company) Theatre at St. Peter's Church, Off-Broadway - 8th May - 12 June, 2005 (50 perfs)


Captain Louie spins a tale of Young Louie, the new kid in town who feels lonely and without friends in his new neighborhood. Looking for something to cheer himself up on Halloween Night, Louie returns to his old neighborhood friends in an imaginary journey on the wings of his favorite toy, his little red plane.

It is about friendship -- the ability to make new friends and the importance of old ones.


Louie's family has recently moved to a new neighborhood. Lonely and feeling friendless, Louie goes back to his room to play with his favorite toy, Red, his little red plane. When Red "suggests" they take a trip back to his old neighborhood, Louie makes a diorama out of an old shoebox covered with purple cellophane. He looks into it, and in his imagination, they are off!.

cl-vsAs they fly towards the old neighborhood, sinister doings are afoot. A gang of odd-shaped creatures — a mouse, monster, sack, broom, and flower — are plotting to trick Louie when he arrives. Louie lands in his old neighborhood, but something is amiss. It’s dark and empty. Louie calls out for his old friends, but the only answer is the echo of his voice. Suddenly, a whistle shrieks. Dark shapes jump out and chase Louie through the streets and alleys. Louie is trapped, and the gang of creatures drag him to their hideout, where they give him the third degree. Just when it looks really bad for our hero, he notices, peeking out from the bottom of the “Sack,” the tail of the neighborhood cat. These aren’t frightening creatures at all. These are Louie’s old friends dressed up for Halloween. After the trick is revealed, they all set out to celebrate Captain Louie’s return.

Louie and the Gang are approached by Julio, a new kid in the neighborhood, with whom they become fast friends. They are all about to set off for some trick-or-treating when one of the gang, Ziggy, mentions that someone has moved into Louie’s old place. Indignant that anyone one would dare to try to take Louie’s place, they declare this new kid a LOOZA, and, led by Julio, they head off to “trick his house up good” , only to discover that the “LOOZA” house is none other than their new friend Julio’s!

Next the Gang decides to go to Ziggy’s house. They have never been there before because he lives in a scary part of town. Ziggy seems oddly resistant to the idea, but the gang insists. Ziggy is forced to admit that he didn’t want his friends to go to his place because his family can’t afford the Halloween decorations and candy. Louie gets an idea to help out Ziggy.

Halloween is almost over, so Louie suggests they go trick-or-treating by plane. When they land, it is time for Louie to go. He bids his friends a warm farewell (“Home Again”) and finds himself transported out of his diorama world and back into his new home. He gathers up his courage and heads outside, where, dressed as “Captain Louie” in his Red Plane, he makes new friends as the Halloween hit of his new neighborhood.

Musical Numbers

  1. New Kid in the Neighbourhood
  2. Big Red Plane
  3. A Welcome for Louie
  4. Shadows
  5. Trick or Treat
  6. Looza on the Block
  7. Spffin' Up Ziggies
  8. Captain Louie
  9. Home Again
  10. Finale


Casting notes: Cast size is flexible. In a school or camp setting, the roles can be played by children or with young adults as desired. The role of Archie/Angie can be played by a boy or girl, as can the cat. Louie's mom is never seen, but her few lines are spoken off-stage over a mic. Julio's mom is played by a puppet character and voiced by a cast member behind Julio's front door.


Instrumentation: Doublings:

bass; drums; guitar; keybnoard 2