Cover to concept cast recordingThe Civil War

An American Musical Event (a Musical) in Two Acts. Book and lyrics by Frank Wildhorn, Jack Murphy and Gregory Boyd. Music by Frank Wildhorn.

Opened 22 April 1999 at the St. James Theatre and closed 13 June 1999 after 61 performances. (35 previews)

Authors' note: Many voices inspired the writing of THE CIVIL WAR: Sojourner Truth and Abraham Lincoln; Walt Whitman, Sullivan Ballou and Frederick Douglass; Hanna Ropes and R. E. Lee; Henry Kyd Douglas (2nd Virginia) and Henry Pearson (6th New Hampshire), among others.


Drawing on letters, diaries, firsthand accounts, and the words of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and Walt Whitman, "The Civil War" is a thrilling, gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring "dramatic theatrical concert" that covers the enormous emotional landscape of the most difficult test our nation has ever endured. This epic thematic revue, reminiscent of Ken Burns' acclaimed documentary, puts a human face on the greatest tragedy of American history, exploring not only the experiences of the soldiers and leaders who fought for their way of life and the lovers and families they left behind, but also the hopes and fears of the slaves whose freedom was at stake. It passionately asks us to consider our

A flexible, multi-ethnic cast of dramatic singers shines in a parade of emotional, showstopping numbers which encompass the range of American popular music, from Gospel, Folk and Country to Rock to Rhythm and Blues, in a riveting score by Frank Wildhorn, one of Broadway's most popular tunesmiths.


Union Army:

Captain Emmet Lochran
Sergeant Patrick Anderson
Sergeant Byron Richardson
Corporal William McEwen
Private Conrad Bock
Private Charles Spencer
Private Nathaniel Taylor

Of the Confederate Army:

Captain Billy Pierce
Sergeant Virgil Franklin
Corporal John Beauregard
Corporal Henry Stewart
Private Darius Barksdale
Private Cyrus Stevens
Private Sam Taylor
Frederick Douglass
Clayton Tholer
Benjamin Reynolds
Exter Thomas
Harriet Jackson
Liza Hughes
Autolycus Fell
Auctioneer's Assistant
Sarah McEwen
Mrs. Bixby
Voice of President Lincoln

Pit Chorus of singers

(The action is set during the American Civil War 1861-1865.)

Musical Numbers:

Some songs performed in excerpt form.


A House Divided - The Citizens
Freedom's Child - Frederick, other Abolitionists
By the Sword/Sons of Dixie - The Armies
Tell My Father - Private Sam Taylor
The Peculiar Institution - The Enslaved
If Prayin' Were Horses - Clayton Tholer, Bessie Tholer
Greenback - Autolycus Fell, Mrs Bixby, Violet
Missing You (My Bill) - Sarah McEwen
Judgement Day - Captain Billy Pierce, Captain Emmet Lochran, Private Sam Taylor, the Armies
Father, How Long? - Clayton Tholer
Someday - Harriet Jackson, Bessie Tholer, Others
I'll Never Pass This Way Again - Voice of President Lincoln
How Many Devils? - The Armies


Virginia - Captain Billy Pierce
Candle in the Window - Harriet Jackson
Oh! Be Joyful! - Autolycus Fell, Sergeant Byron Richardson Private Conrad Bock, Private Charles Spencer
The Hospital - Mrs Bixby, Violet, Union Soldiers, Clayton Tholer
If Prayin' Were Horses (reprise) - Clayton Tholer, Bessie Tholer
River Jordan - Benjamin Reynolds, others
Sarah - Corporal William McEwen
The Honour of Your Name - Sarah McEwen
Greenback (reprise) - Autolycus Fell, Violet
Northbound Train - Captain Emmet Lochran
Last Waltz for Dixie - Captain Billy Pierce, Confederate Soldiers
The Glory - Captain Emmet Lochran, Frederick, Benjamin Reynolds, Full Company

In the subsequent national tour the order of musical numbers was substantially revised; added were

Brother My Brother
Old Gray Coat
I Never Knew His Name
The Day the Sun Stood Still


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