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End of the Pier Show

Book, music and lyrics by Roger Parsley


In the last week before World War II, a small concert party, working the end of a pier show somewhere in England, is rehearsing for the final week of the season. There is talk of impending war, while visible proof that war is expected, sandbags, gun installations, etc. is all around. The uncertainties of the period are mirrored in the uncertainties of the Company's future. We meet the various members rehearsing their acts on stage as well as in their more private moments in between the acts. Although the atmosphere is tense and poignant, the Company manage not to let their personal problems interfere with their performance. A delightful song, conjuring up the ephemeral values of life, ends the show while the news of the pier theatre being converted into a cinema lingers in the air.

The Cast: M4 F4, chorus

Ronnic Matthews: founder/leader of the Sunshiners.
Myrtle Martin: founder-member.
Reg Carter: founder-member.
Penelope "Poppy" Day: soubrette.
Lennie Richards: leading man.
Wally Mason: comic song specialist.
Sarah King: member Shirley Clarke: tenant of the Pier Theatre.

The Scene

A stage

Act 1: A Coastal Resort Somewhere in Britain Monday, 28th August 1939 — Morning
Act 2: Afternoon - The Same Day

Musical Numbers


  1. The Sunshiners - Company
  2. One Summer Day - Lennie & Sarah
  3. The Anniversary Present ( Non Musical) - Myrtle & Reg
  4. What The Butler Saw - Wally
  5. I've Just Met a Boy Called Sam - Poppy
  6. It Could Be Love - Myrtle & Chorus
  7. The Sunshine Stroll - Company
  8. Everyone is Talking - Company


  1. On The Pier - Company
  2. Gurning `Erbert - Non Musical Reg
  3. When The Sun Comes Up Tomorrow - Lennie & Sarah
  4. The Spotty Boy - Reg
  5. Only You Will Do Myrtle - Ronnie & Chorus
  6. The Branch Office - (Non Musical)- Reg, Poppy & Myrtle
  7. The Sun Is Going Down - Company
  8. Finale — On The Pier - Company

The Libretto contains a vocal line: NB: There are no orchestral parts available