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LogoEnter the Guardsman

A musical in 2 Acts. : Music by Craig Bohmler; Lyrics by Marion Adler;
Book by Scott Wentworth; Based on The Guardsman by Ferenc Molnar

Donmar Warehouse, London - 17 September, 1997. Closed 18 October, 1997 (season)
NJ Shakespeare Festival 3rd October, 1999
Weisberger Theater Group at Dimson Theatre, Off-Broadway -23 May, 2000 (season)


After six months of marriage the bloom is off the rose for the famous newlyweds. "She gazes out the window and she plays Chopin," agonizes the Actor. "Now we play love scenes by-the-numbers. Have cold suppers after," mourns the Actress. But then--cue the anonymous roses, the amorous letters and enter the Guardsman--her secret fantasy, his greatest fear.

ENTER THE GUARDSMAN is an intimate musical about sex, marriage, adultery, role playing, truth-telling and keeping your performance fresh in the long run. As seen through the eyes of a theatre ghost, the action takes place in the timeless world of "back stage". The score is evocative of turn of the century Vienna; tuneful, romantic and waltz filled, recalling a theater of wit, style, sophistication and romance. But beneath the façade the play is an exploration of marriage and the very modern dilemma of maintaining the erotic within the monogamous.

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture
  2. Tonight Was Like The First Night - The Company
  3. Chopin - Actor/Playwright
  4. My One Great Love - Actress
  5. The Language Of Flowers - Wigs, Wardrobe,ASM
  6. Drama - Playwright, Dresser
  7. The Actor's Fantasy - Actor,Playwright
  8. You Have The Ring - Dresser,Actress
  9. Enter The Guardsman - The Company
  10. True To Me - Actor,Guardsman
  11. Entr'acte
  12. She's A Little Off - Wigs,Wardrobe,ASM,Actress
  13. I Can't Go On - Actor,Actress,Playwright
  14. Waiting In The Wings - Dresser
  15. My One Great Love (reprise) - Actress,Guardsman
  16. They Die - Playwright
  17. The Long Run - Dresser, Wigs, Wardrobe, ASM
  18. Tonight Was Like The First Night (reprise) - Actress,Actor
  19. Art Imitating Life - Playwright



(6 musicians)

Reed (Flute, Piccolo); Trumpet; Cello; Piano; Bass; Percussion