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Musical revue in 2 acts: Music by Eubie Blake: Conceived by Julianne Boyd

Ambassador Theatre, Broadway - September 20, 1978 (439 Perfs)

Originally presented 2 February, 1978 at Theatre-Off-Park for 12 performances in a substantially different form as a revival of Shuffle Along

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This toe-tapping revue of Eubie Blake songs stormed Broadway during the 1978 season to become the most recent success in a 75-year career for this master of American melody. With over twenty wonderful songs such as "I'm Just Wild About Harry", "Memories of You", "Daddy" and "Shuffle Along", this is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


5 Male, 6 Female. (Can be expanded or reduced)

Musical Numbers:


  1. Goodnight Angeline
  2. Charleston Rag

Act 1

  1. Shuffle Along
  2. In Honeysuckle Time
  3. I'm Just Wild About Harry
  4. Baltimore Buzz
  5. Daddy (Won't You Please Come Home)
  6. There's a Million Little Cupids in the Sky
  7. I'm a Great Big Baby (Lyrics By Andy Razaf)
  8. My Handyman Ain't Handy Anymore (Lyrics By Andy Razaf)
  9. Low Down Blues
  10. Gee, I Wish I Had Someone to Rock Me in the Cradle of Love
  11. I'm Just Simply Full of Jazz

Act 2

  1. High Steppin' Days (Lyrics By Johnny Brandon)
  2. Dixie Moon
  3. Weary (Lyrics By Andy Razaf)
  4. Roll Jordan (Lyrics By Andy Razaf)
  5. Memories of You (Lyrics By Andy Razaf
  6. If You've Never Been Vamped by a Brownskin, You've Never Been Vamped at All
  7. You Got to Git the Gittin While the Gittin's Good (Lyrics By F. E. Miller)
  8. Oriental Blues
  9. I'm Craving for That Kind of Love
  10. Hot Feet
  11. Goodnight Angeline


Reed (flute/clarinet/soprano sax/alto sax), 2 trumpets, trombone, percussion, guitar db banjo, piano, double bass db tuba