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Forever Yours

Music, Lyrics and Book by Trisha Ward

The Story

Forever Yours is a love story about reincarnation. It is set in modern times in England and also just before the onset of World War II in Nazi Germany.

Our modern day heroine, Jennie, is an up-and-coming singer who begins having strange dreams and memories about her former life as a Jewess in a small German town when she begins receiving mysterious letters and messages from an admirer (Stefan) who attends her concerts, much to the chagrin of her jealous lover, Paul, who finds the fame and attention difficult to come to terms with. As Jennie drifts further and further into her past life, she begins to lose touch with reality and her dreams of fame and fortune cease to hold any attraction for her. She remembers how, in her life as a Jewess (Ruth), she fell in love with a young German soldier, Richard Aust, and how their secret affair was dogged by the presence of Richard's father, a Kommandant of the Reich (Rudi) who cruelly ended their forbidden love by having the young couple shot.

As the story progresses it emerges that Paul (Jennie's boyfriend) is the reincarnation of the Kommandant and that Jennie's secret admirer is, in fact the reincarnation of the young soldier, Richard, who is hoping to be reunited with the spirit of his old lover in modern times. As the climax of the musical approaches, the lovers finally meet again but their happiness is to be short-lived when the spirits of Paul and Rudi meet in a vengeful union of hate and jealousy. In a dramatic finale, the couple are again murdered for their love and their spirits are once more doomed to wander in limbo, until the day when they vow that they will be together again in peace.

Principal Characters


Principal Musical Numbers

  1. Déjà vu (Stefan, Jennie)
  2. This Love Of Mine (Richard)
  3. Part Of My Past (Jennie)
  4. In Your Loving Arms (Richard, Chorus)
  5. More Than This (Richard, Ruth)
  6. Still I Love You (Stefan)
  7. Dreams Of Loving You (Paul)