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Free To Be You and Me

Cover to 1972 TV Cast Recording

Originally a TV musical: Adapted for the stage by Douglas Love and Regina Safran from Marlo Thomas' book of the same name; contributions by many writers.

ABC Theatre March 11, 1974

Marlo Thomas' renowned book guides girls and boys to who they could be, rather than who they should be. Life-enhancing themes blend with music and humour to expand children's horizons, enabling them to invent their own futures without limitation, while dispelling some old constraints and worn-out conventions in the process. Now available onstage for the first time - something for the free spirit in every adult and wise soul in every child.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Boy Meets Girl - William & Janet
  2. Let's Hear It For Babies! - The Company
  3. When We Grow Up - Janet & William
  4. William's Doll - Janet, William & Richard
  5. My Dog Is A Plumber - William & Janet
  6. Parents Are People - Janet & William
  7. The Pain And The Great One - Vickie & Richard
  8. Glad To Have A Friend Like You - William, Janet & the Company
  9. Ladies First - William, Vickie & the Company
  10. It's All Right To Cry - William, Vickie, Richard & the Company
  11. Atalanta - The Company
  12. No One Else - The Company
  13. Free To Be ... You And Me - The Company




Singing-Dancing ensemble of 6 (can be expanded to include a chorus, babies, tigers, racers, people of the kingdom, etc.)



Reed I (piccolo, flute, tenor sax), Reed II (piccolo, flute, alto sax), horn, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, acoustic guitar db. bass guitar, drums, percussion, piano db. celeste/organ, 2 violins, cello