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Fresh Airs

A Revue by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann.

Comedy Theatre, London - 26th January 1956.

The Cast:

Graham McCormack, Ann Pidgeon, Michael Young, Patricia Lancaster, Bernard Hunter, Rose Hill, Max Adrian, Moyra Fraser, Julian Orchard , Hermione Harvey, Robert Gard and Diana Murdoch

Dances arranged by Mark Stuart
Décor by Malcolm Burgess
Music under the direction of William Blezard
Additional material by Lee Adams, Charles Strouse et al
Directed by Laurier Lister and Max Adrian.

at the pianos: William Blezard and Kenneth Broadberry. On the drums: Bill Connor

Programme included

  1. Teamwork - Max Adrian and Moyra Fraser (Paul Dehn)
  2. The Album - Julian Orchard, Patricia Lancaster, Graham McCormack and Robert Gard (Michael Flanders)
  3. Star in the East - Max Adrian (Michael Flanders)
  4. Ode to a Grecian Urn - Moyra Fraser (William Blezard)
  5. Russian Rock - Julian Orchard
  6. British Rock - Michael Young, Bernard Hunter, Ann Pidgeon (Flanders-Swann)
  7. The Recorder - Rose Hill (Hill)