Book by Sybille Pearson | Music and Lyrics by Michael John LaChiusa | Based on the novel by Edna Ferber


A musical that spans generations in an epic chronicle of the state that’s like no place else on earth: Texas. Amid a turbulent culture of greed, bigotry and money, a powerful cattleman, his new East Coast bride, their family and friends – not to mention their enemies – embrace and confront the joys and sorrows that loom as large as the state they call home.


In Texas in 1922, Jordan "Bick" Benedict, a rich cattleman, marries Leslie, from Virginia. Bick is focused on working the family ranch, Reatta, but exhibits bigotry against Mexicans. This racism is seen in his older sister, Luz, who is against outsiders. Jett Rink is a handyman but discovers oil; he is infatuated with Leslie. A neighbor and Bick's reclusive uncle, Uncle Bawley, tells the tale of the legend of the coyote. Bick ends the relationship with a girlfriend, Vashti.

As they age over the years, Leslie feels rejected by Bick and realizes that they do not really know each other. Leslie and Bick's son marries a Mexican woman as Leslie tries to help the downtrodden Mexican American workers and Bick comes to accept his son's choice.

Musical Numbers

Act I

  1. Aurelia Dolores – Polo, Lupe and Company
  2. Did Spring Come to Texas? – Bick and Ensemble
  3. Did Spring Come to Texas? (Reprise) – Bick
  4. Your Texas – Leslie and Bick
  5. No Time for Surprises – Luz
  6. Private Property – Jett
  7. Lost – Leslie and Mexicans
  8. Elsie Mae – Jett
  9. He Wanted a Girl – Vashti and Bick
  10. Heartbreak Country – Bick and Leslie
  11. Ruega por Nosotros – Lupe and Servants
  12. Look Back / Look Ahead – Bawley, Bick, Leslie and Company
  13. My Texas – Bick, Vashti, Pinkie, Adarene, Mike, Leslie and Company
  14. Topsy-Turvy – Leslie and Bick
  15. When to Bluff / One Day – Jett, Lil Luz and Men
  16. A Stranger – Leslie
  17. Act One Finale – Bick, Jett, Bawley and Company

Act II

  1. Our Mornings / That Thing – Bick and Luz
  2. Jump – Angel, Lil Luz and Bobby Jr.
  3. There is a Child – Juana and Jordy
  4. Un Béso, Béso! – Polo, Lupe, Angel, Analita, Luz and Company
  5. A Place in the World / Look Ahead (Reprise) – Bawley and Bick
  6. Midnight Blues – Vashti and Leslie
  7. The Dog is Gonna Bark – Jett
  8. Juana's Prayer – Juana
  9. Aurelia Dolores (Reprise) / Act Two Finale – Jordy, Juana and Company


PRINCIPALS - 1 Woman; 1 Man

FEATURED - 3 Women; 5 Men

ENSEMBLE - 6 Women; 10 Men


(doubling is indicated by a slash)

Scenes and Settings

GIANT takes place in Texas between the 1920s and 1950s.


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