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A Parisian Vaudeville Operetta (Musical Comedy) in 3 Acts. French libretto (to the vaudeville operette "L'Auberge du Tohu-Bohu") by Maurice Ordonneau. American adapation by Arthur Sturgess and Edgar Smith. (English adaptation by Emil Schwab and Adolph Neuendroff) Music by Victor Roger; additional music by Lionel Monckton.

Herald Square Theatre, New York - 3rd October - 24th December, 1898 (102 perfs)
Duke of York's, London (?) - 1898 (2 months) as Topsy Turvy Hotel

Musical Numbers

Act 1

  1. Opening Chorus (Alas! alas! Alas! When will our misfortunes pass?)
  2. Song (Sigh not if fate should frown) - Flora
  3. Song (Oh, what is the use of this life) - (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Paul
  4. Chorus of Villagers (Hark! the drum again is restive)
  5. "Walk up, walk up" (Song) (This is the finest show on earth) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Flora
  6. "The Shifting of the Sign" (Quintet) (Silently, creeping, While they are sleeping) - Flora, Paul, Louis, Lebeau, La Force
  7. Finale (Welcome! This hostelry is noted)
  8. Valse-Song (Tip-toe! Now go) - Flora, Cecile, Paul, etc.

Act 2

  1. Opening Chorus (Welcome! this hostelry is noted)
  2. "A little overdoing it" (Song) (All the world's a stage) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Louis
  3. Duet (How peaceful is this domesticity) - Moulinet, Mme Moulinet
  4. "Toujours" (Song) (If a man would married be) (Air "Les Blondes") (Music by H. Fragson and A. Stanislaus.) - Cecile
  5. "How to kiss" (Duet) (Should you chance to meet a charming little miss) (Music by N. Lambelet. Lyrics by Roland Carse.) - Cecile, Paul
  6. Quartet (When a dinner you cook) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Louis, Paul, Cecile, Marcelle
  7. Chorus (We bow our heads)/ Song (Note my most distiguished bearing) - Lebeau
  8. Serenade and Chorus (Ongree was a London jongdarm) - Paul
  9. Finale (Now 'tis still)

Act 3

  1. Opening Chorus (Whatever is about to happen now)
  2. "The Boolyvar de Paree" (Song)(When I and brother Harry) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Lebeau
  3. Ensemble (How can it be?)
  4. "I Should Like to Know" (Song)(In youthful days) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Flora
  5. Chorus and Dance (Here at the break of day) (Music by Lionel Monckton.)
  6. Song (Heed not the tear) - Flora
  7. Finale (Now out little play is done)

  8. Quartet (Addenda) (We started quite badly) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Cecile, Marcelle, Dremer, Joseph

American Interpolations


Acrobats, French Peasants, Fruit Sellers, Villagers, etc.

Scenes and settings