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A Hatful of Snow

The musical "A Hatful of Snow" has played in the Palm Springs area since 1994 and is a Desert Theatre League Award Winner.

Recently this musical filled 1800 seats in 15 performances at the 150-seat Joshua Tree Playhouse (November 1999). Hatful Of Snow is a full-length musical with fifteen songs and a good story line that will start your festive season in fine style.

There are no royalties, and a free cast CD and script can be sent to you.

See the webpage at http://hometown.aol.com/hatfulsnow for more information.


Fifteen tuneful songs help tell the story of Jean, the mayor's daughter, and her journey to bring Christmas back to the little town of Harmony, which is trapped by the Hatter's curse in a paperweight. You'll meet Nick, Mrs. Flute, Amanda and her mother, the citizens of Harmony... and of course Mr. Hatter, who wiles to keep Jean from finding a true love and filling the town hat with snow. "A Hatful of Snow" will start your holiday season with a hatful (and earful!) of Christmas cheer, no matter what time of the year.

Musical Numbers

Act I:

  1. Christmas is Just Around the Corner
  2. I Can Find a Man
  3. Listen to the City
  4. True Love
  5. A Hatful of Snow
  6. Merry, Merry Christmas
  7. Wedding Bells, Christmas Bells
  8. You're a Christmas Cinderella
  9. Christmas Is
  10. A Christmas Curse

Act II:

  1. The Christmas Eve Waltz
  2. The Olde Punch Bowl
  3. A Christmas Memory
  4. Whaddya Doin' for Christmas, Baby?
  5. Meet Me There, Under the Christmas Tree