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In My Life

In My Life

A romantic musical comedy. Book, music and lyrics by: Joe Brooks

Music Box Theatre, Broadway. Opened 20th October, 2005. Closed 11th December, 2005 (23 previews; 61 perfs)


A romantic musical comedy about two young lovers who are unwitting participants in God's first reality opera.

A musician with Tourette’s syndrome, and a journalist with obsessive compulsive disorder, meet at a grocery store - with some help from Above - and begin an unlikely, and slightly dysfunctional, romance that proves that life’s greatest affliction is the one they share – true love.

Musical Numbers

  1. Life Turns on a Dime
  2. It Almost Feels Like Love
  3. Perfect for an Opera
  4. What a Strange Life We Live
  5. Doomed,
  6. What a Strange Life We Live (reprise)
  7. Sempre Mio Rimani
  8. I Am My Mother's Son
  9. Volkswagen
  10. What a Strange Life We Live (reprise)
  11. Headaches
  12. When I Sing, Secrets #1
  13. In My Life
  14. A Ride on the Wheel
  15. Perfect for an Opera (reprise)
  16. Didn't Have to Love You
  17. When She Danced,
  18. Volkswagen (reprise)
  19. Not This Day
  20. Floating on Air
  21. Not This Day (reprise)
  22. On This Day
  23. In My Life (reprise)
  24. Life Turns on a Dime (reprise)

Scenes and Settings: